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Last Updated: 1/9/2018


Organized 1980

Territory: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and San Juan County in New Mexico; comprising the Central States, Dakota, Iowa-Missouri, Kansas-Nebraska, Minnesota, and Rocky Mountain Conferences.

Statistics (June 30, 2017): Churches, 456; membership, 70,269; population, 27,636,987 (online statistics).

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(updated: 7/2/2018)
StreetAddr 8307 Pine Lake Road
Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-4078
8307 Pine Lake Rd
Lincoln NE 68516-4078
MailAddr P.O. Box 6128
Lincoln, NE 68506-0128
PO Box 6128
Lincoln NE 68506-0128
Phone 1 (402) 484-3000 402-484-3000
Fax 1 (402) 483-4453 402-483-4453
Website www.midamericaadventist.org www.midamericaadventist.org
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President, Gary F. Thurber.

Secretary, Gil F. Webb.

Treasurer, Troy K. Peoples.


Children's Ministries, Family Ministries, Health Ministries, and Youth Ministries, Hubert Cisneros.

Communication, Brenda Dickerson.

Education, LouAnn Howard.

Ministerial Association, Mic Thurber; Evangelism, Gil F. Webb.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Darrel Huenergardt.

Women's Ministries, Nancy Buxton.

Ministries and Services:

ASI, Gary F. Thurber.

Data Processing, Ed Sharon.

Human Resources, Raylene Jones.

Planned Giving and Trust Services, Troy K. Peoples.

Young Adults, Hubert Cisneros.

Legal Associations:

Mid-America Union Conference Association of the Seventh-day Adventists.

President, Gary F. Thurber.

Vice President, Gil F. Webb.

Secretary-Treasurer, Troy K. Peoples.

Legal Counsel, Darrel Huenergardt.

System Codes: EntityID: 16854; OrgMastID: ANG111; AdmFieldID: MAUC.