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Established 1874 as Battle Creek College

Organizational Unit: General Conference

Contact Information:
(updated: 1/6/2013)
StreetAddr 4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0840
4150 Administration Drive
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0840
Phone 1 (269) 471-7771; 1 (800) 253-2874 1 (269) 471-7771
Fax 1 (269) 471-6900 1 (269) 471-6900
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Board of Trustees: Benjamin D. Schoun, Chair; Niels-Erik Andreasen, Secretary.


President, Niels-Erik Andreasen.

Provost, Andrea T. Luxton.

Vice Presidents, David A. Faehner, Frances M. Faehner, Randy K. Graves, Stephen D. Payne, Lawrence E. Schalk.

Secretary, Brent G. T. Geraty.

Controller, Glenn A. Meekma Jr.

General Administration:

President, Niels-Erik Andreasen.

Provost, Andrea T. Luxton.

Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Christon Arthur.

Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Lynn Merklin.

Assistant Provost for General Education, and Undergraduate Initiatives, Donald May.

Registrar, Aimee Vitangcol-Regoso.

Vice Presidents:

Integrated Marketing and Communications, Stephen D. Payne.

Enrollment Management, Randy K. Graves.

Financial Administration, Lawrence E. Schalk; Associate for Finance/Controller, Glenn A. Meekma Jr.

Student Life, Frances M. Faehner; Assistant for Student Life, Stephen T. Yeagley; Associate Dean for Student Life, R. Deborah Weithers.

University Advancement, David A. Faehner; Associate for Development, Audrey Castelbuono.

University Chaplain, June Price.

Legal Counsel, Brent G. T. Geraty.


President, Niels-Erik Andreasen.

Andrews Broadcasting Corporation Board of Directors: Niels-Erik Andreasen, President; Lawrence E. Schalk, Vice President; Sharon J. Dudgeon, Secretary; Glenn A. Meekma Jr., Treasurer.

Radio Station WAUS:

General Manager, Sharon J. Dudgeon.

Marketing, Geoffry A. Weithers.

Program Director, Jeffrey Smith.

Technical, Bill Brent.

Underwriting, Wanda Poole.

Music Director, Carolyn Hunt.

Chief Information Officer and Information Technology Services, Lorena L. Bidwell.

Administrative Systems, Bradley J. Christensen.

Client Services, Timothy Trine.

Servers and Networks, Daniel P. Cress.

Telecommunications, Daniel L. Hamstra.

Institutional Research, James R. Massena.

Human Resources, Daniel E. Agnetta; Assistant, Beverly A. Brown.

Academic Administration:

Provost, Andrea T. Luxton.

Associate Provost, and Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research, Christon G. Arthur.

Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Lynn Merklin.

Assistant Provost for ACE/Undergraduate Initiatives, Donald May.

Dean, School of Distance Education, Alayne D. Thorpe.

Undergraduate Affiliations Specialist, Hilary LaPointe.

Honors, Monique Pittman.

Registrar, Aimee Vitangcol-Regoso; Associate Registrar, Gary D. Williams.

Student Success Center:

Director, Coordinator of Advising Services, Kristine Knutson.

Documents Assistant, Debi Frey.

Tutoring Services Assistant, Tiffany Siebold.

Student Intervention, and Disability Services Coordinator, Carletta Witzel.

James White Library:

Dean of Libraries, Lawrence W. Onsager.

Architecture Resource Center, Director, Kathleen M. Demsky.

Bibliographic Services, Head, Norma Greenidge; Senior Cataloger, Felipe E. Tan.

Information Services, Head, Cynthia M. Helms; Reference/Database Librarian, Silas M. Oliveira; Instruction Librarian, Lauren Matacio.

Music Materials Center, Marianne Kordas.

SDA Periodical Index, Editor, Daniel J. Drazen.

Periodicals and Acquisitions Librarian, Bernard Helms.

Reference, and Marketing Librarian, Sarah Kimakwa.

Patron Services Manager, Jason St. Clair.

Seminary Librarian, Terry D. Robertson.

Systems and Multimedia, Steve Sowder.

Center for Adventist Research:

Director, Merlin D. Burt; Associate Director/Curator, James B. Ford.

University Press, Director, Ronald A. Knott.

Institute of World Mission, Director, Cheryl D. Doss.

Auxiliary Enterprises/Independent Operations:

Manager/LithoTech, Rodrick A. Church.

Physics Enterprises, Director, Ronald L. Johnson.

Enrollment Management and Integrated Marketing and Communication:

Vice President, Enrollment Management, and Integrated Marketing and Communication, Stephen D. Payne.

Enrollment Management:

Vice President, Randy K. Graves.

Office of Integrated Marketing and Communication:

Director of Campus Relations and Events, Rebecca May.

Marketing Manager, Jason Webster.

Financial Administration:

Vice President for Financial Administration, Lawrence E. Schalk.

Controller, Glenn A. Meekma Jr.

Facilities Management, Director, Paul Elder.

Financial Records, Director, Sharyl Turon.

Risk Manager, Lawrence E. Schalk.

Student Financial Services, Director, Elynda Bedney; Associate Director, Accounts, Vicki Thompson; Assistant Director, Financial Aid, Cynthia Gammon.

Service Departments:

Campus Safety, Chief, Dale Hodges.

Post Office, Postal Supervisor, C. Ruthellen Gardner.

Custodial Services, Manager, Dean Snow.

Plant Services, Manager, Paul Elder.

Arboretum/Grounds Manager, Michael Villwock.

Transportation Service, Director, Martin D. Bradfield.

Auxiliary Enterprises/Independent Operations:

Bookstore, Manager, Cynthia Swanson.

Dairy and Farm, Thomas N. Chittick, Katherine Koudele.

Dining Services, General Manager, J. Mark Daniels.

Student Life:

Vice President for Student Life, Frances M. Faehner.

Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Director of Co-Curricular Education/GSA Sponsor, Stephen T. Yeagley.

Associate Dean for Student Life/Diversity, AUSA Sponsor, R. Deborah Weithers.

Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life, Gillian V. Sanner.

University Chaplain, June Price; Associate Chaplains, Jose Bourget, Michael Polite.

Director, Student Activities and Athletics, David G. Jardine; Assistant Director, Emily Carlson.

Director, University Apartments, Alfredo Ruiz.

Director, Undergraduate Leadership Program, David K. Ferguson.

Director, International Student Services and Programs, Robert Benjamin; Associate Director, Silmara Ferreira.

Director, Residence Life/Dean, Lamson Hall, Jennifer R. Burrill; Associate Dean, Lamson Hall, A'Lisa Lashley; Assistant Deans, Lamson Hall, Leilani Langdon, Teela S. Ruehle.

Director/Dean, Meier Hall, Spencer D. Carter; Assistant Deans, Meier Hall, Donald Keele, James W. Price.

Director/Dean, University Towers, and Guest and Convention Services, David Iwasa; Assistant Dean/Director, Rachel Keele.

Director of Counseling and Testing Center, Judith B. Fisher; Assistant Director, Christopher T. Denda; Staff Counselor/Assistant Testing Coordinator, Jose Gonzalez; Staff Counselor, Diana Mitchell.

University Advancement:

Vice President for University Advancement, David A. Faehner.

Director of Alumni Services, Tamara J. Condon.

Associate Vice President for Development, Audrey Castelbuono.

Director of Trust Services, Tari C. Popp.

Manager of the Howard Performing Arts Center, Erica Griessel.

College of Arts and Sciences


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3411.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6236.

E-mail: show.


Address: 4141 Administration Drive, NH135; Andrews University; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0070.


Dean, Keith E. Mattingly.

Associate Dean, Donald L. May.

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs, Gary W. Burdick.

Assistant to the Deans for Financial and Strategic Planning, Lisa Rollins.

Instructional Faculty:

Behavioral Sciences, Duane C. McBride; Karl G. Bailey, Harvey Burnett Jr., Romulus Chelbegean, Arian Emanuel, Herbert W. Helm Jr., Oystein S. LaBianca, Lionel N. A. Matthews, Melissa Ponce-Rodas, Joel L. Raveloharimisy, Larry S. Ulery.

Biology, Pamela Litvak; Daniel Gonzalez, H. Thomas Goodwin, James L. Hayward Jr., Kanya Long, Peter Lyons, David Mbungu, Marlene Murray, Benjamin Navia, Denise Smith, Abdias R. Vence, Robert E. Zdor.

Chemistry, D. David Nowack; Lisa A. Ahlberg, Ryan T. Hayes, Getahun Merga, Desmond H. Murray, David W. Randall.

Communication, Rachel Williams-Smith; Patrice Jones, Debbie A. Michel, Melchizedek M. Ponniah, Desrene L. Vernon.

Engineering and Computer Science, George S. Agoki; Donald De Groot, Hyun Kwon, Gunnar Lovhoiden, Boon-Chai Ng, Rodney S. Summerscales, Stephen Thorman, Roy Villafane, William D. Wolfer.

English, Douglas A. Jones; Janet Blackwood, Bruce A. Closser, Vanessa Corredera, D. Ivan Davis, Gary R. Gray, Meredith J. Jones Gray, Eun Kim, Beverly J. Matiko, Paul Matychuk, Scott E. Moncrieff, L. Monique Pittman.

History and Political Science; John J. Markovic; Stephanie Carpenter, Marcella J. Myers, Brian E. Strayer, Gary V. Wood.

Institute for Prevention of Addictions, Duane C. McBride.

International Language Studies, Pedro A. Navia; Sonia R. Badenas, Elaine Navia, Ruben Perez-Schulz.

Mathematics, Robert C. Moore; Shandelle Henson, Joon Hyuk Kang, Yun Myung Oh, Amanda R. Umlauf, Lynelle M. Weldon.

Music, Carlos A. Flores Morales; Lilianne Doukhan, Claudio Gonzalez, Kenneth D. Logan, Alan F. Mitchell, Charles Reid, Trina M. Thompson, Carla L. Trynchuk, Chi Yong Yun, Stephen P. Zork.

Physics, Margarita C. Mattingly; Gary W. Burdick, G. Brendan Cross, Mickey D. Kutzner, Tiffany Z. Summerscales, Stephen Thorman.

Religion and Biblical Languages, Paul B. Petersen; Erhard H. Gallos, Ante Jeroncic, Ruben Munoz-Larrondo, Glenn E. Russell, A. Rahel Schafer, Susan P. Zork.

Social Work, Curtis J. Vanderwaal; Alina Baltazar, Krista Cooper, Desiree E. Davis, Margaret Howell, Twyla Smith, Shannon Trecartin, Jan Wrenn.

Department of Agriculture


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-6006.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-3009.

E-mail: show.


Address: 8385 Farm Oval; Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0550.


Chair, Clive W. Holland.

Instructional Faculty:

Agriculture, Larry H. Adams, Jerry Harris, Clive W. Holland, Katherine Koudele, Garth Woodruff.

Department of Aviation


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3120.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6004.

E-mail: show.


Address: Andrews Airpark; 3898 Griggs Drive; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104.


Chair, Airport Manager, Dina Simmons.

Instructional Faculty:

Aviation Flight, Duane Habenicht, Chair.

Flight Instructors; Kathy Adrada, Evaldo De Armas, Kevin Ferreira, Darryl Penny, Randall Robertson, Caleb M. Sigua, Dina Simmons.

Aviation Maintenance, David Muth, Randall Robertson.

School of Architecture, Art, and Design


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-6003.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6261.

E-mail: show.


Address: 8435 E. Campus Circle Drive; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0450.


Dean, Carey C. Carscallen.

Assistant Dean, Paula L. Dronen.


Architecture, Carey C. Carscallen, William W. Davidson, Paula L. Dronen, Robin Johnson, Thomas B. Lowing, Mark A. Moreno, Rhonda G. Root, Llewellyn Seibold, Martin Smith, Ariel Solis, Andrew C. von Maur, Kristin S. von Maur.

Visual Art and Design, Stefanie Elkins-Bates, Kari Friestad, Steve Hansen, Paul Kim, Diane Myers, Sharon J. Prest Ullom, David B. Sherwin, Douglas Taylor, Marc G. Ullom.

School of Business Administration


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3632.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6158.

E-mail: show.


Address: Chan Shun Hall; 4185 E. Campus Circle Drive; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0020.


Dean, Allen Stembridge.

Assistant Dean, Jerry Chi.

Instructional Faculty:

Accounting, Economics, and Finance, Alan Kirkpatrick, LeRoy Ruhupatty, Lucile Sabas, Quentin Sahly, Carmelita Troy.

Management, Marketing, and Information Systems, Allen Stembridge; Jerry Chi, Ben A. Maguad, Jacquelyn Warwick, W. Bruce Wrenn.

School of Education


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3481.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6540.

E-mail: show.

Website: www.educ.andrews/educ.

Address: 4195 Administration Drive; Bell Hall Room 105; Andrews University; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104.


Dean, James R. Jeffery.

Instructional Faculty and Staff:

University Center for Reading, Learning, and Assessment, Annabelle C. Lopez.

Educational and Counseling Psychology, Rudolph D. Bailey; Nancy J. Carbonell, Ronald D. Coffen, Elvin S. Gabriel, Luana L. Greulich, Tevni Grajales Guerra, Bradley Hinman, Jimmy Kijai, Jeannie Montagano, Nadia E. Nosworthy, Dennis E. Waite, Carole Woolford-Hunt.

Leadership and Educational Administration, Erich W. Baumgartner, Jay L. Brand, Duane Covrig, David K. Ferguson, Sylvia Gonzalez, Gustavo Gregorutti, Janet Ledesma, Enoc Lopez, Robson Marinho.

Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, R. Lee Davidson; Nancy Agnetta, Michelle Bacchiocchi, Larry D. Burton, Anneris Coria-Navia, Lori Imasiku, Tammy B. Overstreet.

School of Graduate Studies and Research


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3405.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6246.

E-mail: show.


Address: 4150 Administration Drive; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0640.


Dean, Christon G. Arthur.

Associate Dean of Research, Gary W. Burdick.

School of Health Professions


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-6648.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-3524.

E-mail: show.


Address: 8450 E. Campus Circle Drive; Harrigan Hall Room 200; Andrews University; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104.


Dean, Emmanuel Rudatsikira.

Assistant to the Dean, Deby Andvik.

Instructional Faculty and Staff:

Medical Laboratory Science, Daniel Gonzalez, Aileen Hyde, Timothy Newkirk, Karen A. Reiner, Tasha Simpson.

Nursing, Karen Allen; Grace Chi, Henrietta H. Hanna, Gisele D. Kuhn, Mary N. Ngugi, Arlene M. Saliba, Gisela E. Schmidt, Beverly Sedlacek, Khonnah Weithers.

Physical Therapy, Gregory A. Almeter, Kathleen A. Berglund, Kimberly W. Coleman-Ferreira, Elizabeth T. Oakley, Lee E. Olson, Ryan Orrison, Caryn Pierce, William L. Scott, David P. Village, Lori Walton.

Public Health and Wellness, Christine Brown-Fraser; Dixon Anjejo, Carol Burtnack, Magaly Hernandez, Gretchen Krivak, Jasel McCoy, Maximo Mejia.

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Heather L. Ferguson; Brynja K. Davis, Darah J. Regal, Joyce Richardson, Lara Schiedler-Smith.

Theological Seminary


Telephone: 1 (269) 471-3537.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-6202.

E-mail: show.


Address: 4145 E. Campus Circle Drive; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-1500.


Dean, Jiri Moskala.

Associate Dean, Teresa L. Reeve.

Instructional Faculty:

Christian Ministry, Stanley E. Patterson; Ora M. Skip Bell, Kenley D. Hall, S. Joseph Kidder, Ricardo Norton, David K. Penno, H. Peter Swanson, Hyveth Williams, Walton A. Williams.

Church History, Jerry A. Moon; P. Gerard Damsteegt, Nicholas P. Miller, Trevor E. O'Reggio, John W. Reeve.

Discipleship and Religious Education, Allan R. Walshe; Kathleen A. Beagles, Kenley Hall, S. Joseph Kidder, John V. G. Matthews, Trevor E. O'Reggio, David Sedlacek, Peter Swanson, Ron Whitehead.

New Testament, P. Richard Choi; Teresa L. Reeve, Thomas Shepherd, Ranko Stefanovic.

Old Testament, Jiri Moskala; Richard M. Davidson, Jacques B. Doukhan, Constance E. C. Gane, Roy E. Gane, Oliver Glanz, Paul Z. Gregor, Paul Ray, Randall W. Younker.

Theology and Christian Philosophy, Miroslav M. Kis; JoAnn M. Davidson, Martin Hanna, Darius Jankiewicz, John Peckham.

World Mission, Wagner Kuhn; Bruce L. Bauer, Gorden R. Doss.


Archaeology, Randall W. Younker; Associates , Oystein S. LaBianca, Constance E. C. Gane, Paul Gregor; Publication Director, Paul J. Ray Jr.

Center for Youth Evangelism, Inc., Ronald H. Whitehead; Associates, Vernon L. Byrd, Justin Yang. Has own 501 (c) (3).

Center of Continuing Education for Ministry, Esther Knott.

Christian Leadership Center, Stanley E. Patterson.

Church Ministry, Petr Cincala.

Hispanic Ministry, Ricardo Norton.

Horn Archaeological Museum, Curator, Constance E. C. Gane; Associate Curator, Paul J. Ray Jr.

InMinistry Center, Esther Knott.

International Religious Liberty, Nicholas P. Miller.

Jewish-Christian Studies, Jacques B. Doukhan.

NADEI, Ron E. M. Clouzet; Lisa Clouzet, Tom Evans, Donald C. James, Errol McLean, Eduard E. Schmidt.

Griggs International Academy

Established 1909


Telephone: 1 (800) 782-4769; 1 (269) 471-6570.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-2804 (General and Job Corps; 471-2812 (Submissions and Exam Requests).

E-mail: show.


Address: 8903 US Highway 31; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-1950.


President (Interim), Alayne D. Thorpe.

Principal, LaRonda R. Forsey.

Vice Principal, Stacy L. Gusky.

Compliance Officer, Ethan E. Jones.

Student Services, Glynis M. Bradfield.

Institutional Research, Charlotte J. Conway.

Academic Support Services:

Registrar, Kathleen L. Iwasa.

Assistant Registrar/Submissions, and Testing, Steven C. Fox.

Course Manager, Ethan E. Jones.

Education Technologist, D2L, Rebecca A. Tedeschi.

Education Technologist, Martha F. Ban.

Enrollment Coordinator K-12, Gabriela Melgar.

Student Academic Support, Barbara Martz.

Job Corps:

GIA Vice Principal, and Director for Job Corps, Lamar Nangle.

Associate Registrar for Job Corps, Marietta Fowler.

Operations Manager for Job Corps, Cindy Bartlett.

Enrollment Coordinator for Job Corps, Robbin K. Hill-Bowers.

Enrollment Coordinator, Andrew Yesudhason.

Administrative Support/Financial Services:

Receptionist, Raquel Tenorio.

Marketing Manager, Sumeeta S. Raj.

ITS Programmer, John Turon.

Student Accounts, Juan D. Alvarez.

Bookstore Manager, Cynthia L. Swanson.

Mail/Shipping Coordinator, Loring E. Bearce.

Operating Griggs University

Chartered 1909; reorganized 1990


Telephone: 1 (800) 782-4769; 1 (269) 471-6570.

Fax: 1 (269) 471-2812 (General, Submissions and Testing); 471-2804 (Enrollments).

E-mail: show.


Address: 8903 U.S. Highway 31; Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-1950.


Dean, Alayne D. Thorpe.

Assistant Dean, Carolina Gomez-Jones.

Associate Dean for Higher Education Janine M. Lim.

Compliance Officer, Ethan E. Jones.

Student Services, Glynis M. Bradfield.

Institutional Research, Charlotte J. Conway.

Academic Support Services:

Course Manager, Ethan E. Jones.

Course Manager Assistant, Bryan J. Szaflarski.

Instructional Designer, Marsha J. Beal.

Enrollment Coordinator, Diana M. De Guzman.

Higher Education Registrar, Aimee Vitangcol-Regoso.

Transcripts, and Diploma Specialist, Sheila Jones.

Administrative Support/Financial Services:

Receptionist, Raquel Tenorio.

Marketing Manager, Sumeeta S. Raj.

ITS Programmer, John Turon.

Student Accounts, Juan D. Alvarez, Eva M. Michel.

Bookstore Manager, Cynthia L. Swanson.

Mail/Shipping Coordinator, Loring E. Bearce.

Off-Campus Programs:

Director, Lyn R. Bartlett.

Associate Director, Off-Campus Programs K-12, Stephen Rivers.

School of Business Off-Campus Programs, Wanda Swensen.

Assistant Registrar, Undergraduate Off-Campus Programs, Helen Susens.

Undergraduate Off-Campus Programs Specialist, Hilary LaPointe.

Assistant Registrar, Graduate Programs, Dawn Mutz.

Graduate Off-Campus Programs Specialist, Rebecca Turk.

Graduate Admissions, Off-Campus Programs Transcripts, Angelica Munoz; Muriel Bello.

System Codes: EntityID, 10014; OrgMastID, A1112A.