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Last Updated: 5/29/2018


Organized 1901

Territory: Bermuda, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont; comprising the Bermuda, Greater New York, New York, Northeastern, Northern New England, and Southern New England Conferences.

Statistics (June 30, 2017): Churches, 589; membership, 121,269; population, 34,785,660 (online statistics).

Contact Information:
(updated: 10/17/2017)
StreetAddr 400 Main Street
South Lancaster, Massachusetts 01561
400 Main St
Lancaster MA 01523-2804
MailAddr P.O. Box 1189
South Lancaster, MA 01561-1189
PO Box 1189
South Lancaster MA 01561-1189
Phone 1 (978) 368-8333 978-368-8333
Fax 1 (978) 368-7948 978-368-7948
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President, G. Earl Knight.

Vice Presidents, Jose Joseph, Dionisio Olivo.

Secretary, Pierre E. Omeler.

Treasurer, Elias F. Zabala Sr; Undertreasurer, Trevor S. Forbes; Assistant Treasurer, Judine R. Walker.


Children's Ministries, and Education, Jerrell Gilkeson; Associate, Marlene Alvarez; Assistant, Lileth Coke.

Communication, Ednor Davison.

Family Ministries, Dionisio Olivo.

Health Ministries, Jose Joseph.

Ministerial Association (and Evangelism), and Publishing Ministries, G Earl Knight; Assistants, Jose Joseph, Dionisio Olivo.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Charles Eusey.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Dionisio Olivo, Trevor S. Forbes.

Stewardship Ministries, Elias F. Zabala Sr.

Trust Services, Trevor S. Forbes.

Women's Ministries, Yvonne Knight.

Youth Ministries, Andres Peralta.

Ministries and Services:

ASI, and Human Relations, Pierre E. Omeler.

Atlantic Union Adventist Media, G. Earl Knight, Rohann Wellington.

Community Services, Jose Joseph.

Disabilities Ministries, Charlotte L. V. Thoms.

Education Certification Registrar, Lileth Coke.

Haitian/African Ministries, Jose Joseph.

Hispanic/Portuguese Ministries, Dionisio Olivo.

Information Technology, David Hunte.

Inner City Services, Loss Control, and Risk Management, Elias F. Zabala Sr.

Ministerial Spouses Association, and Prayer Ministries, Yvonne Knight.

NETS (Northeast Evangelism Training School), Kevin W. Sears.

NSO, Andres Peralta.

Prison Ministries, Trevor S. Forbes.

Revolving Fund, Accountant, Violet Bidwell.

Legal Associations:

The Atlantic Union Conference Association of Seventh-day Adventists.

President, G. Earl Knight.

Secretary, Pierre E. Omeler.

Treasurer, Elias F. Zabala Sr.; Undertreasurer, Trevor S. Forbes.

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