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Last Updated: 1/6/2018


Organized 1982; reorganized 2002

Territory: Sao Paulo's Capital East and North Region.

Statistics: Churches, 136; membership, 37,362; population, 7,098,716 (online statistics).

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StreetAddr Coronel Bento Jose de Carvalho 340
Vila Matilde
03516-010 Sao Paulo, SP
Cel. Bento Jose de Carvalho 340
Vila Matilde
03516-010 Sao Paulo, SP
Phone 55 (11) 2129-2700 55 (11) 2129-2700
Fax 55 (11) 2129-2700 55 (11) 2129-2700
Website www.apl.org.br www.apl.org.br
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President, Aguinaldo Leonidas Guimaraes.

Secretary, Flavio Ferraz.

Treasurer, Marcos Jose de Sousa.


Children's Ministries, Fernanda Agrello Muller Piazze.

Communication, Flavio Ferraz.

Education, Joao L. de Araujo Neto.

Family Ministries, and Ministerial Association, Dermival dos Reis; Evangelism, Leonardo Martins Ferreira; Shepherdess International, Marziani Moura Mendes Guimaraes.

Health Ministries, Jair Junio Miranda.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Flavio Ferraz, Joao L. de Araujo Neto.

Publishing Ministries, Edson Vicente Pereira.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Wagne dos Santos Mesquita.

Stewardship Ministries, Jose Coelho de Melo.

Women's Ministries, Marziani Moura Mendes Guimaraes.

Youth Ministries, Fabricio Leao Costa.

Ministries and Services:

Adolescents' Ministries, Fernanda Agrello Muller Piazze.

Adventist Solidarity Action, Jair Junio Miranda.

Adventist Volunteer Service, Flavio Ferraz.

Adventurers, and Pathfinders, Paulo Sergio Fernandes.

Development, Marcos Jose de Sousa.

Global Mission, Leonardo Martins Ferreira.

Music, Claudio Manoel Barboza Junior.

Planned Giving and Trust Services, Jose Coelho de Melo.

Spirit of Prophecy, Edson Vicente Pereira.

Legal Associations:

Associacao Paulista Leste da Igreja Adventista do Setimo Dia.

System Codes: EntityID: 10537; OrgMastID: AQ6911; AdmFieldID: ESPC.