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The first multi-cultural conference in South Africa comprised of the following main cultural groups: White, Coloured, Indian and Black. Languages: Afrikaans, English, Zulu.

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Entered: 12/11/2000
Last Updated: 4/18/2018


Organized 1994

Territory: The South African provinces of KwaZulu Natal, and Free State.

Statistics (June 30, 2016): Churches, 177; membership, 19,073; population, 13,622,043 (online statistics).

Contact Information:
(updated: 4/18/2018)
StreetAddr 47 Gillitts Road
Pinetown 3610, KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
47 Gillitts Road
Pinetown 3610, KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
MailAddr P.O. Box 740
Pinetown 3600, KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
P.O. Box 740
Pinetown 3600, KwaZulu Natal
South Africa
Phone 27 (31) 700-5301, 700-5302, 700-5303 27 (31) 700-5301, 700-5302
Fax 27 (31) 700-3981 27 (31) 700-3981
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President, Lincoln C. De Waal.

Executive Secretary, Phumlani L. Majola.

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Hermie Munez.


Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, Andrew Moonsamy.

Children's Ministries, Nkazimulo Mazibuko.

Communication, Phumlani L. Majola.

Education, Viven Moodley.

Family Ministries, Kim Rowe-Rowe.

Health Ministries, Isaac J. Solomon.

Ministerial Association, Kevin D. Lutchman.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Lincoln C. De Waal.

Publishing Ministries, Michael M. Msane.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Vernon S. Ndumo.

Stewardship Ministries, Sduduzo L. Blose.

Women's Ministries, Mhle Mthimkhulu.

Youth Ministries, Theodore B. Gietzmann.

Ministries and Services:

Adventist Men's Ministries, and Music, Vernon S. Ndumo.

ASI Representative, Sduduzo L. Blose.

Campus Ministries, Andrew Moonsamy.

Human Resources, Phumlani L. Majola.

Meals on Wheels, ___.

Legal Associations:

SEDCOM (Incorporated Association not for Gain).

System Codes: EntityID: 12965; OrgMastID: AZSK11; AdmFieldID: KNSC.