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Last Updated: 2/20/2018


Organized 1960; reorganized 1969

Territory: The South African provinces of Free State, North-West, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the following towns in the Northern Cape Province: Barkly West, Danielskuil, Delportshoop, Douglas, Griquastad, Hartswater, Jankempdorp, Katu, Kimberly, Kudumane, Kuruman, Pampierstad, Postmansburg, Ritchie, Salt Lake, and Warrenton.

Statistics: Churches, 309; membership, 49,803; population, 13,295,741 (online statistics).

Contact Information:
(updated: 2/20/2018)
StreetAddr 17 Louis Road, Orchards
Johannesburg 2192, Gauteng
South Africa
17 Louis Road, Orchards
Johannesburg 2192, Gauteng
South Africa
MailAddr P.O. Box 46061
Orange Grove 2119, Gauteng
South Africa
P.O. Box 46061
Orange Grove 2119, Gauteng
South Africa
Phone 27 (11) 640-3084, 640-3085, 640-3086 27 (11) 640-3084, 640-3085
Fax 27 (11) 485-1447 27 (11) 485-1447
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President, Dingindawo P. Shongwe.

Executive Secretary, Phaswana S. Makuwa.

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Taunyane L. K. Nteo; Financial Officer, Shelton Dzuda.


Children's Ministries, Chubby Sibenke.

Communication, Melusi Ndalambi.

Education, Hendrik Kanyane.

Family Ministries, Peter D. Mahlangu, Lindiwe Mahlangu.

Health Ministries, Thabiso A. Salome.

Ministerial Association, Tshimangadzo N. Nembudani.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Dingindawo P. Shongwe.

Publishing Ministries, Mufungulwa Anakoka.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Monkitsi Seoketsa.

Stewardship Ministries, Siyabonga Magadlela.

Women's Ministries, Nomsa Magagula.

Youth Ministries, Themba V. Maseko.


ADRA, Thulane Mkhize.

Ministries and Services:

Adventist Men's Ministries, Thulane Mkhize.

Conference Evangelists, Peter Maphanga, Ziphozonke O. Mbatha, Tiyani Mongwe.

Dorcas, and Music, Monkitsi Seoketsa.

HIV/AIDS, Thabiso A. Salome.

Meals on Wheels TOC, Mpho Rantsoabe.

Spirit of Prophecy, Mufungulwa Anakoka.

Voice of Prophecy, Matodzi Phosha.

System Codes: EntityID: 12963; OrgMastID: AZSU11; AdmFieldID: TORC.