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(As of 2013 the Taiwan Conference is attached to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division)

Organized 1950; reorganized 1976, 2013

Territory: Matsu, Pescadores, Chingmen, and Taiwan in the Republic of China.

Statistics: Churches, 56; membership, 6,296; population, 23,499,000 (online statistics).

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StreetAddr 3F No. 195 Section 2
Chung Hwa Road
Taichung City 404, Taiwan
Republic of China
3F No. 195 Section 2
Chung Hwa Road
Taichung City 404, Taiwan
Republic of China
Phone 886 (4) 2201-3739 886 (4) 2201-3739
Fax 886 (4) 2201-0919 886 (4) 2201-0919
Website www.twcadventist.org.tw www.twcadventist.org.tw
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President, Li-Chun Lai.

Secretary, Cyrus Jin Yi Shen.

Treasurer, Joseph Chi Yi Ma.


Children's Ministries, Family Ministries, and Women's Ministries, Paula Shiang Yin Kuo.

Education, Li-Chun Lai.

Health Ministries, Celeste Sha.

Ministerial Association, Peter Lin (aboriginal church); Raymond Ko (city church); Shepherdess International, Paula Shiang Yin Kuo.

Publishing Ministries, Jim Yung Song Hsu.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Jim Yung Song Hsu.

Stewardship Ministries, Peter Chou.

Youth Ministries, Tom Ren Ji Sun.

Ministries and Services:

Aboriginal Legal Holding Body Executive Secretary, Community Service, and Resource Management, Noah Li Jun Lai.

ASI Ministries, Jim Yung Song Hsu.

Evangelism, and Voice of Prophecy, Li-Chun Lai.

Media Center, ___.

Ta Chin Farm Center, Men Hsing Tsai.

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