Mountain View Conference
Yearbook Year:


Organized 1887

Territory: West Virginia (except Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties), and Allegany and Garrett Counties in Maryland.

Statistics: Churches, 34; membership, 2,315; population, 1,993,242 (online statistics).


Telephone: 1 (304) 422-4581.

Fax: 1 (304) 422-4582.



Address: 1400 Liberty Street; Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101.


President, Kingsley Whitsett.

Secretary, Larry Boggess.

Treasurer, Donovan Kurtz.

Executive Committee:

Kingsley Whitsett, Chairman; Larry Boggess, Secretary; Bonnie Cutright, Dorothy Davenport, Wesley Holden, Frank Jenkins, Norman Johnson, Nancy Krone, Donovan Kurtz, Robert Michael, Karla Schartiger, Ken Ulbrich.


Children's Ministries, Trust Services, and Women's Ministries, Feryl Harris.

Communication, Cathy Jenkins.

Education, Kingsley Whitsett; Associate, Cheryl Jacko.

Family Ministries, Bill Clark, Gayle Clark.

Health Ministries, Daniel Morikone.

Ministerial Association and Evangelism, Larry Boggess.

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Wesley Holden.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, Frank Jenkins.

Stewardship, ___.

Youth, Jeremy Jacko.

Ministries and Services:

ASI, Industrial Relations, and Prison Ministries, Kingsley Whitsett.

Community Services, Daniel Flower.

Men's Ministries and NSO, Larry Boggess.

Pathfinders, Joel Stecker.

Prayer Coordinator, Nancy Krone.

Singles Ministries, Jane Browning.

Young Adults, Jeremy Jacko.

Legal Association:

Trustees of and for the Mountain View Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

President, Kingsley Whitsett.

Treasurer, ___.

Trustees, Dorothy Davenport, Wilton Williams.