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Virginia Conference (organized 1883); District of Columbia Conference (organized 1909); reorganized into Potomac Conference 1924

Territory: Virginia (except Accomac and Northampton Counties), the District of Columbia, and those portions of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland as follows: Beginning at Mt. Vernon, Virginia, draw a line to Piscataway, Maryland and continue the line northeast to the junction of Highways 301 and MD 214. From this point continue the line northwest to the junction of MD Highways 650 and 198 (Brown's Corner), then follow MD 650 north to Ednor. From Ednor follow Ednor Road northeast to the Patuxent River, follow the Patuxent River northwest to the Montgomery/Frederick County lines, and thence, southwest along the county line to the Virginia/Maryland state line.

Statistics: Churches, 127; membership, 29,955; population, 9,451,021 (online statistics).


Telephone: 1 (540) 886-0771.

Fax: 1 (540) 886-5734.

Website: www.pcsda.org.

Address: 606 Greenville Avenue; Staunton, Virginia 24401.


President, William K. Miller.

Assistant to the President, Raymond Pichette.

Secretary, Roger E. Weiss.

Treasurer, S. Kurt Allen; Undertreasurer, Mary Ann Sheffer; Associates, Daryl Hevener, Rebecca Witz; Assistant, David Anderson.

Executive Committee:

William K. Miller, Chairman; Roger E. Weiss, Secretary; S. Kurt Allen, Robert Banks, Willie Benzaquen, Rita Calhoun, Cynthia Coston, Ron Halvorsen Jr., C. Dunbar Henri, Dorys Horner, Dale Long, Larry Marsh, Violet Pulidindi, Richard Rajarathinarn, Corinne Rawlins, Deneice Robinson, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Fausto Salazar, Noel Salgado, Mark Silva, Carl Sobremisana, Lori Stowe, Charles Tapp, Daniel Wood, Henry Wright.


Children's Ministries, Barbara Manspeaker.

Communication, ___.

Education, Larry Marsh; Associates, Robert Smith, Evelyn Sullivan.

Ministerial Assocation--Directors:

Hispanic, ___.

Maryland, Alan DeSilva; Associate, Franklin David.

South DC/Northern VA, Ed Komorowski.

VA Capital, Robert Banks.

VA South Central/South West, Pete Watts.

VA Tidewater, Glenn Holland.

VA Valley, Rick Labate.

Youth Ministries, Denton Grady.

Ministries and Services:

ASI, S. Kurt Allen.

Auditing, David Anderson, Rebecca Witz.

Development, Glen Altermatt.

Hispanic Ministries, ___.

Human Resources, Lolita Puterbaugh.

Legal Associations:

Potomac Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists, District of Columbia Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists, and Virginia Conference Agency of Seventh-day Adventists.

President, William K. Miller.

Vice President, S. Kurt Allen.

Secretary, Glen Altermatt.

Treasurer, Daryl Hevener.