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Entered: 1/1/1967
Last Updated: 1/8/2018

Persons Holding Credentials From
The Allegheny East Conference Corporation

Ministerial Credential:

Gary Adams, Meade Adams, Kenneth Anderson, Reginald Anderson-Exum, Amofah A Asamoah, Gary Banks, Glenford Baxter, E Earl Blackwell, Stephen A Boyce, Colin Brathwaite Jr, Carl Brewer, Richard P Campbell, Charles L Cheatham, Ronald Myung Soo Cho, Henry O Davis Jr, Micah A Davis, David DeFoe, Richard V Dehm II, Jackson M Doggette Jr, Gene M Donaldson, Howard W Duncan, Emile Duvivier, Michael Dyson, Michael Edwards, Moses Eli, Uzooma Erondu, Ramon E Escalante, Jean M Fenelon, Kelan Fielder, Henry J Fordham III, David Franklin, Conklin Gentry, Patrick G Graham, William Hall, Claude Harris II, Marcus E Harris, Melvyn Hayden, Melvyn E F Hayden III, Roland Hill, Carl Hinds, George K Howard, Joseph M Hutchinson, J Melvin Janey, Abdonel Jean-Phillipe, Kevin L Jenkins, Sujjan John, Marquis Johns, James A Johnson III, Ivor Keizer, D Robert Kennedy, Giwoong Kim, Nam Yong Kim, Lee Kimani, Trevor Kinlock, Won Hoi Koo, Appiah Kwarteng, Frank E Legette III, Troy Levy, Wilfred Louis Jean, Lawrance E Martin, Colby Matlock, Mark McCleary, Donald McKinnie, Anthony Medley, Norman K Miles, Leslie Moise, Orlando Moncrieffe, Harry Monval, George Okumu-Camerra, Pete A Palmer, T DuWayne Privette, Steven Rantaung, Ronald Reeves, Stephen Richardson, Marcellus Robinson, Wayne A Scott, Robert T Smith, Yveniel St Luc, Errol Stoddart, Maurice N Taylor, Joseph V Thelusca, George E Thornton Sr, Paul M Turner Jr, Keenan Tyler, Vernon T Waters, James A Watkins, Cecil L Williams, George Williams, Gary L Wimbish.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Jacqueline Davis, Minnie McNeil, Paula Olivier, Timothy Privette, Lisa Smith-Reid.

Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:

DaVinna Alston, Donna Y Anderson, Damali Caine, Shemika Campbell, Sheila Dandridge-Wood, Sheila Dandridge-Wood, Cassandra Danley-Arnold, Melody L Debrough, Kris Fielder, Donna Fields, Frances Foote, Norian Green, Terry-Ann Griffin, Natalie A Griffin-Burton, Gladys Guerrero, Ebony Holland, Sharon D Jack, Myrna James, Charles A Johnson, Nila Lindo-Mills, Victoria Lynch, Norma Mann, Barbara Manning, Lisa N Marshall, Karen McKinnie, LaRhonda McKnight, P Robin McNair, Donna Moore-Green, Fansico Murray-Williams, Danielle Payne, LaRhonda Y Perry Howell, Sheresa D Perry-Woodson, Dorine E Ramseur, Denise Telford, Deborah L Thomas-Robinson, Ilmajean Willis, Vanessa Wilson.

Administrative Ministries Credential:

Judy Chiles-Dent, Gloria Perry, Cynthia Poole, A Leah Scott.

Missionary Credential:

Henry Beck, Tiffany Boller, Kollette R Bryant, Tunichah Buttler, Orien Clairmont, Catrice Davis-Ford, Doris DeGuzman, Dwayne Ford, Karl Ford, Jean Good, LaTasha Hewitt, Tracey Jackson, Ovillie Joseph, Melanie L Libebe, Robert Moses, Gwendolyn Bradford Norwood, Jacqueline A O'Bryant, Carmen Patterson, Clarence Pettiford, Chelliah Yovan Ponniah, Jaymie Pottinger, Sheryl Y Reeves, Kelly Strickland, Calvin Taylor, George Taylor, Charles E Williams, Kerri G Williams.