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Entered: 12/11/2000
Last Updated: 4/22/2018


Organized 1964; reorganized 1996

Territory: Visayan Islands; comprising the Central Visayan, East Visayan, Negros Occidental, and West Visayan Conferences; and the Negros Oriental-Siquijor, and Romblon Adventist Missions.

Statistics (June 30, 2017): Churches, 1,262; membership, 182,568; population, 21,150,677 (online statistics).

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(updated: 1/18/2018)
StreetAddr 112 Gorordo Avenue, Kamputhaw
6000 Cebu City
112 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug
6000 Cebu City
MailAddr P.O. Box 3
6000 Cebu City
P.O. Box 3
6000 Cebu City
Phone 63 (32) 412-2100 (Departments); Loc 108 (Pres); Loc 111 (Sec); Loc 105 (Treas) 63 (32) 412-2100 (Departments)
Fax 63 (32) 412-2043 63 (32) 412-2043
Website www.cpucsda.org www.cpucsda.org
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President, Agapito J. Catane Jr. (E-mail: show).

Secretary, Eliezer T. Barlizo Jr. (E-mail: show).

Treasurer, Ginetho A. Suniega (E-mail: show); Associate, Joel C. Morales (E-mail: show).


Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, and Ministerial Association, Elmer P. Pagunsan; Shepherdess International, Glenda C. Catane.

Children's Ministries, and Family Ministries, Letecia D. Pagunsan.

Communication, and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Donald E. Zabala.

Education, Lemuel G. Banday; Associate, Ana Liza V. Facon.

Health Ministries, Glenn M. Maypa.

Planned Giving and Trust Services, and Stewardship Ministries, Abner O. Dinoy.

Publishing Ministries, Ferdinand G. Esico.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries, James B. Rubrico.

Women's Ministries, Glenda C. Catane.

Youth Ministries, Von John L. Sanchez.

Ministries and Services:

ACS, and ASI, James B. Rubrico.

Adventist Mission, Elmer P. Pagunsan.

AMiCUS, Von John L. Sanchez.

Legal, Evin M. Villaruben.

Literature Ministry Seminary, Norberto W. Pamisa.

NSO, and Special Needs Ministries, Lemuel G. Banday.

Nurture, Discipleship, and Reclamation/Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle, Lowell L. Quinto.

Prayer Ministries, and Revival and Reformation, Elmer P. Pagunsan.

Retirement, Ginetho A. Suniega.

Spirit of Prophecy, Ferdinand G. Esico.

System Codes: EntityID: 13384; OrgMastID: ATC111; AdmFieldID: CPUC.