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The Departments of the General Conference named below were
organized on the dates mentioned, although some were actually
doing work as departments prior to such organization.

(Includes National Service Organization)

Established 1985


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6780, 680-6782.

E-mail: show.



Director, ACM and NSO, Mario E. Ceballos.


Organized 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6142, 680-6144.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

E-mail: show; show; show.



Director, Linda Mei Lin Koh.

Associate Director, Saustin S. Mfune.


Established 1972
Public Relations 1912; Radio-Television 1950


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6300.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6312.

Adventist News Network:

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6306.

E-mail: show.



Director, Williams S. Costa Jr. (E-mail: show).

Associate Directors:

Media Services, Andre Brink (E-mail: show).

Public Relations, Garrett Caldwell (E-mail: show).

Assistant Directors:

News and Information, Ansel Oliver (E-mail: show).

Webmaster, Brent Hardinge (E-mail: show).


Organized 1902


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5060.

Fax: 1 (301) 622-9627.



Director, Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy.

Associate Directors, Hudson E. Kibuuka, Mike M. Lekic, Julian M. Melgosa, John Wesley Taylor V.

Editor, Journal of Adventist Education, Faith-Ann McGarrell.


Organized 1975; reorganized 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6175.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

E-mail: show.



Director, Willie Oliver.

Associate Director, Elaine Oliver.


Reorganized 1980


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6702.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6707.


Director, Peter N. Landless.

Associate Directors, Zeno L. Charles-Marcel, Daniel W. Giang, Allan R. Handysides, Fred G. Hardinge, Gary L. Hopkins, Craig R. Jackson, Patricia S. Jones, Doyle R. Nick, Tricia Y. Penniecook, Stoy E. Proctor, E. Albert Reece, Katia Reinert, David Williams.

Assistant Directors, Gilbert Burnham, Carlos Fayard.


Organized 1922


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6500.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6502.



Secretary, Jerry N. Page.

Associate Secretaries:

Jonas Arrais, Editor, Elder's Digest.

Robert Costa, Evangelism.

Willie E. Hucks II, Associate Editor, Ministry Magazine.

Anthony R. Kent, Continuing Education, MinistryinMotion, PREACH.

Derek J. Morris, Editor, Ministry Magazine.

Janet R. Page, Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families.

Publications Issued:

Elder's Digest.

Ministry Magazine.

The Journal.


Organized 1968


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5002.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-5009.

E-mail: show.



Director, Gary W. Dodge (Incumbent; asked to serve till 2015 Annual Council).

Associate Directors, Charles B. Simpson, Wilfredo L. Sumagaysay (Incumbents; asked to serve till 2015 Annual Council).


Organized 1902


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6680.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6695.


United Nations Office, New York: 777 United Nations Plaza; New York, New York 10017. Telephone: 1 (212) 687-6488 or 1 (301) 680-6683.

Capitol Hill Office, Washington, DC: 110 Maryland Avenue N.E., Suite 408; Washington, DC 20002. Telephone: 1 (202) 546-8071.


Director, A. Ganoune Diop.

Associate Directors: Nelu Burcea, United Nations Liaison; Dwayne O. Leslie, United States Government Liaison.


Organized 1902


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6480.

Fax: 1 (301) 622-9627.

E-mail: ___.


Director, Almir M. Marroni.

Associate Director, Wilmar Hirle.


Sabbath School Organized 1902
Personal Ministries (Lay Activities) 1913
Reorganized 1985, 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6177.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

E-mail: show.



Director, Duane McKey.

Associate Director, Ramon Canals.

Assistant Directors, May-Ellen Colon, Kurt W. Johnson, Bonita J. Shields.


Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide:

Standard Edition, Clifford R. Goldstein; Associate, Soraya Parish.

Easy Reading Edition, Soraya Parish.

Collegiate Bible Study Guide, Lyndelle Chiomenti.

Cornerstone Connections, Bonita J. Shields.

PowerPoints Bible Study Guide, Real-Time Faith Bible Study Guide, Bonita J. Shields.

Beginner, Kindergarten, and Primary Bible Study Guides, Falvo Fowler.


Organized 1967; reorganized 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6157.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

E-mail: show.



Director, Erika F. Puni (Incumbent; asked to serve till 2015 Annual Council).

Associate Directors, Larry R. Evans, Mario Nino (Incumbents; asked to serve till 2015 Annual Council).

Assistant Director, Penelope L. Brink.


Organized 1990


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6636.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6600.

E-mail: show.



Director, Heather-Dawn Small.

Associate Director, Raquel Arrais.


Organized 1907; reorganized 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6140.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6155.

E-mail: show



Director, Gilbert R. Cangy.

Associate Directors:

Pako E. Mokgwane.

Jiwan S. Moon (Incumbent; asked to serve till 2015 Annual Council).

Jonatan Tejel.


(Formerly SAWS; includes OFASA and ASA)

Incorporated 1956; reorganized 1984


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6380; 1 (800) 424-2372.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6370.

Legal Name: Adventist Development and Relief Agency International. Has own 501 (c) (3).


President, and Executive Director, Jonathan M. Duffy.

Vice President for Finance, Michael Kruger.

Vice President for Human Resources, and Leadership Development, Mario H. Ochoa.

Vice President for Programs, Imad T. Madanat.

Board of Directors:

Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Chair; Ella S. Simmons, Vice Chair, Robert E. Lemon, Treasurer; Jonathan M. Duffy, Secretary; Audrey E. Andersson, Aho Baliki, Seth T. Bardu, Renee Battle-Brooks, Guillermo E. Biaggi, Gilbert Burnham, Zenaida G. Delica-Willison, Ann Gibson, Sylvana Gittens, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Richard H. Hart, Daniel R. Jackson, Raafat A. Kamal, Erton Carlos Kohler, Samuel Adama Larmie, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Geir Olay Lisle, G. T. Ng, Barry D. Oliver, Brenda Pereyra, John Rathinaraj, Paul S. Ratsara, Horst Rolly, Blasious M. Ruguri, Sarah Serem, Filiberto M. Verduzco, Bruno R. Vertallier, Gilbert Wari, Ted N. C. Wilson, Norbert Zens.

Emergency Management Unit:

Director, Thierry Van Bignoot.

Associate Director for Materials Acquisition, David Holdsworth.

Program Manager, Marie-Jo Guth.

Audit Unit:

Director, ___.

Senior Audit Manager, Robert F. Cooke.

Finance Unit:

Director, Rowena L. Hutchins.

Chief Accountants, Heba N. Antwan, Rami M. Nashed.

Senior Accountants, Gordon McWatters, Michelle D. Nudd.

SunPlus Unit:

Director, David Ackah.

Senior Managers, Edward Baber, Phidee Tagalog.

IT Unit:

Director, Richard W. O'Ffill.

Network Administrator, Randall B. Dresser.

Human Resource Unit:

Director, Ailiasi Cruz-Fernandez.

Senior Technical Advisors, Herbert Eisele, Jon M. Harris, Paul Muniz, Silvia A. Nestares.

Marketing and Development Unit:

Senior Director, Cheryl Shaw.

Director, Sandra Golding.

Associate Directors, Karla K. Cole, Christopher LeBrun, Natalia Lopez-Thismon, Rodolfo Monsalve, Silvia B. Ochoa, Vila-Sheree Watson.

Programs Unit:

Directors, Sonya S. Funna Evelyn, Olivier M. Guth, J. Guillermo Lizarraga, J. Frank Teeuwen.

Senior Technical Advisors, Jason Brooks, Mark A. Castellino, Mark Freeman, Emanuel Gomes da Costa, Jozimo Santos, Sharon Tobing.

Senior Managers, Asamenew Alemu, Milton D. McHenry, Frederick Opuni-Mensah.

Manager, Corinne Lanquetuit.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit:

Director, Nestor R. Mogollon.

Senior Technical Advisor, Sandra Fletcher.

Regional and Division Offices and Directors

Africa Regional Office, Akintayo Odeyemi, Director.

Asia Regional Office, Wagner Herman, Director.

Euro-Asia Division, Vladimir Tkachuk, Director.

Inter-American Division, Wallace L. Amundson, Director.

Inter-European Division, Joerg Fehr, Director.

North American Division, Debra Brill, Director.

South American Division, Gunther W. Wallauer, Director.

South Pacific Division, Greg Young, Director.

Trans-European Division, Stephen Cooper, Director.

Middle East and North Africa Union Mission, Nagi Khalil, Director.

Services, Corporations, and Other Organizations


Established 1996


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5060.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-9627.


Legal Name: Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities, Inc.

Board of Directors:

Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy, Chair; Mike M. Lekic, Executive Secretary; Lena G. Caesar, Mario E. Ceballos, Lowell C. Cooper, Myrna Costa, John Dougan, Paul H. Douglas, Gerald Grant, Stephen R. Guptill, Juanita Gurubatham, Keith Hallan, Hudson E. Kibuuka, James Mbyrukira, Janelle Pyke, Steven G. Rose, Roy E. Ryan, Benjamin D. Schoun, Luis A. Schulz, Ella S. Simmons, John Wesley Taylor V, Astrid Thomassian, Alayne D. Thorpe, Charles Tidwell, Thomas E. Wetmore, Robert Young, and Division Directors of Education. Ex Officio Members: General Conference President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Director, Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy.

Secretary, Mike M. Lekic.


Established 1997


Telephone: 1 (909) 558-4540.

Fax: 1 (909) 558-0242.

E-mail: show.


Address: 11060 Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California 92350.

Legal Name: Adventist Health International. Has own 501 (c) (3).

Board of Directors:

Lowell C. Cooper, Chair; Seth Bardu, B. Lyn Behrens, Maitland A. DiPinto, Jonathan M. Duffy, George O. Egwakhe, Richard H. Hart, Kerry Heinrich, Peter N. Landless, Kevin J. Lang, Pardon K. Mwansa, Scott Reiner, Michael L. Ryan, Harald Wollan.


President, Richard H. Hart.

Secretary, Donn P. Gaede.

Treasurer, Robert Frost.

Member Constituents:

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; Adventist Development and Relief Agency, International; Adventist Health; Adventist Healthcare, Inc.; Kettering Adventist Health Network; Loma Linda University; Loma Linda University Medical Center.


(Adventist Historic Properties, Inc.)
Organized 1981; reorganized 1988


Telephone: 1 (269) 965-3000.

E-mail: show.



Street: 411 Champion Street; Battle Creek, Michigan 49017.

Mailing: P.O. Box 1414; Battle Creek, MI 49016-1414.

Board of Trustees Officers:

James R. Nix, Chair; E. Edward Zinke, Vice Chair; Thomas R. Neslund, President; Stanley D. Hickerson, Jeffrey K. Wilson, Vice Presidents; William A. Fagal, Secretary; George O. Egwakhe, Treasurer.

Historic Sites:

Hiram Edson Farm. 780 Field Street; Clifton Springs, New York 14432-9736. Contact person, Jim Allen. Telephone: 1 (585) 721-4343.

Historic Adventist Village. 411 Champion Street; Battle Creek, Michigan 49037. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1414; Battle Creek, MI 49016-1414. Welcome Center, same address. Contact person for tours: Don Scherencel. Telephone: 1 (269) 965-3000.

Joseph Bates Home. 191 Main Street; Fairhaven, Massachusetts 02719. Telephone: 1 (774) 328-8882. Contact person: James Wright. Telephone: 1 (941) 650-3102.

William Miller Farm. 1614 County Road 11; Whitehall, New York 12887-4217. Telephone: 1 (518) 282-9617. Contact person: James Everhart. Telephone: 1 (518) 282-9617.


Established 2005

(Includes Global Mission, established 1990)

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6628.


Director, Gary D. Krause.

Communication, Richard D. Kajiura.

Project Manager, Hans N. Olson.

Video Producers/Editors, Richard Oliveras, Earley Simon.

Marketing, Nancy L. Kyte.

Editor, Mission magazine, Gina R. Wahlen.

Project Manager, Laurie R. Falvo.

Planning, Delbert B. Pearman.

Global Mission Centers Director, Richard E. McEdward.

Global Mission Study Centers:

Center for East Asian Religions (formerly Buddhist Study Center). Director, Gregory P. Whitsett (E-mail: show). Website: Physical Address: P.O. Box 234; Prakanong; Bangkok 10110; Thailand. Mailing Address: 12 Soi Pridi Banomyong 37 Sukhumvit 71; Klongtan Nua, Wattana; Bangkok 10110; Thailand. Telephone: 66 (35) 360-253. Fax: 66 (35) 360-253.

Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies. Director, Kleber Goncalves (E-mail: show). Website: Rua Cubatao, 77; Paraiso; 04013-040 Sao Paulo, SP; Brazil. Telephone and Fax: 1 (240) 524-0110.

Center for South Asian Religions. Coordinator, Clifmond Shameerudeen (E-mail: show). Website: Lot B Farida Gardens; Appoo Avenue, Orangefield Road; Carapichaima, Trinidad; Trinidad and Tobago.

Global Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations. Director, Petras Bahadur (E-mail: show). Website: Address: Newbold College of Higher Education; St. Mark's Road, Binfield; Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 4AN; United Kingdom. Telephone: 44 (1344) 407-407.

Urban Ministry Center. Director, Gerson P. Santos (E-mail: show). Website:;; Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600; USA. Telephone: 1 (301) 412-8925. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6625.

World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Center. Director, Richard Elofer (E-mail: show). Website: 5 Square Yves du Manoir; 91300 Massy; France. Telephone: 33-637-241-555.


(Formerly known as Adventist Review)

Established 1849


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6560.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6638.

E-mail: show; show.


Editorial Staff:

Editor, and Executive Publisher, Bill Knott.

Associate Editors, Lael O. Caesar, Gerald A. Klingbeil.

Associate Publisher, Claude Richli.

Assistant Editors, Sandra Blackmer, Stephen Chavez, Wilona Karimabadi, Kimberly L. Maran, Andrew McChesney, Carlos G. Medley.

Editors-at-Large, Mark A. Finley, John Fowler.

Senior Advisor, E. Edward Zinke.

Consulting Editors, Delbert W. Baker, Lowell C. Cooper, Robert E. Lemon, Geoffrey G. Mbwana, Armando Miranda, Pardon K. Mwansa, G. T. Ng, Michael L. Ryan, Benjamin D. Schoun, Ella S. Simmons, Artur A. Stele, Ted N. C. Wilson.

Special Contributors, Guillermo E. Biaggi, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Daniel R. Jackson, Raafat A. Kamal, Erton Carlos Kohler, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Barry D. Oliver, John Rathinaraj, Paul S. Ratsara, Blasious M. Ruguri, Bruno R. Vertallier, Gilbert Wari.

Periodicals Published:

Adventist Review.

Adventist World.

Adventist World, NAD edition.

Adventist World Digest.



Established 1996


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6656.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6635.

E-mail: show; show.



Director, John H. Thomas.


Established 1971


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6304

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6303

Email: show



President, and Executive Director, Dowell W. Chow.

Senior Vice President, D. Greg Scott.

Vice President for Finance, D. Kent Sharpe.

Vice President for Advancement, Jim Ayer.

Special Assistant to the President for Planned Giving, G. Edward Reid.

Special Assistant to the President for Planned Giving, Jeffrey K. Wilson.

Assistant Treasurer, P. Jeff Cordray.

Communication Director, Shelley Nolan Freesland.

Web Manager, ___.

Development Specialist, Angela Woods.

Administrative Assistant, Ana Mondragon.

Senior Office Assistant, Maria France.

Donor Response Assistant, H. Frank Scheib.

Board of Directors (2010-2015):

Benjamin D. Schoun, Chair; Pardon K. Mwansa, Vice Chair; Dowell W. Chow, Secretary; Vimala T. Abraham, Audrey Andersson, Onaolapo Ajibade, Rodney G. Brady, Gordon E. Christo, Williams S. Costa Jr., Loney Duncan, Charles Eusey, Elie Henry, Daniel R. Jackson, Mark A. Johnson, Gary D. Krause, Vladimir A. Krupskyi, Robert E. Lemon, Marlon de Souza Lopes, Solomon Maphosa, Donald E. Martin, G. T. Ng, Dyane Pergerson, Juan R. Prestol Puesan, William G. Robertson, Michael L. Ryan, Saw Samuel, Tim Shriver, Al Sines, Akeri Suzuki, Brad Thorp, Homer W. Trecartin, Bruno R. Vertailler, J. Raymond Wahlen II, Nathaniel M. Walemba, Stevanus Widjaya, Ted N. C. Wilson.

Field Administration:

Africa Region (includes East-Central Africa, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean, and West-Central Africa Divisions). 1 Milbanke Court; Milbanke Way; Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1RP; England. Telephone: 44 (1344) 401-401. Fax: 44 (1344) 401-419. Region Director, Ray Allen; Program Coordinator, Vasili Makarchuk.

Americas Region (includes Inter-American and South American Divisions). Administered by AWR Headquarters. Operated by the Adventist Media Center; Rodovia Euryale de Jesus Zerbine, 5876; Jardim Sao Gabriel; 12340-010 Jacarei, SP; Brazil. Phone: 55 (12) 2127-3000. Fax: 55 (12) 2127-3001. Media Center Radio Director, Amilton Menezes; Region Director, Dowell W. Chow.

Asia-Pacific Region (includes Northern Asia-Pacific, Southern Asia, and Southern Asia-Pacific Divisions). EIS Building B, Unit 1101; 75/15 Soi Pridi Banomyong 37, Sukhumvit 71 Road; Klongton-nua, Vadhana District; Bangkok 10110; Thailand. Telehone: 66 (2) 381-8869. Region Director, Surachet Insom; Program Director, Anniston Mathews. Guam transmitter site: P.O. Box 8990: Agat, Guam 96928. Telephone: 1 (671) 565-2289. Fax: 1 (671) 565-2983. Site Manager, and Chief Engineer, Brook Powers; Assistant Chief Engineer, Samuel Gregory; Engineer, Max Woesner; Maintenance Director, Gordon Garner.

Europe Region (includes Euro-Asia, Inter-European, and Trans-European Divisions). Administered by AWR Headquarters. 1 Milbanke Court; Milbanke Way; Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1RP; England. Telephone: 44 (1344) 401-401. Fax: 44 (1344) 401-419. Program Director, Yves Senty; Controller, Vasili Makarchuk; Resource Engineer, Daryl Gungadoo; Training Director, Ray Allen; Frequency Engineer, Giuseppe Cirillo (based at the Adventist Media Center). Sandwiesenstrasse 35; D-64665 Alsbach; Germany. Telephone: 49 (6257) 944-0969. Fax: 49 (6257) 944-0985.

Adventist Broadcasting Service, Inc.

Incorporated 1985


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6304

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6303

Email: show


Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600.

Board of Directors:

Benjamin D. Schoun, Chair; Dowell W. Chow, Secretary; Charles Eusey, Robert E Lemon, Pardon K. Mwansa, Dyane Pergerson, Juan R. Prestol Puesan, Michael L. Ryan, J. Raymond Wahlen II.


Established 1904; reorganized 1975, 2011


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5020.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-5038.



Director, David Trim.

Assistant Director for Archives and Records Management, Roy Kline.

Assistant Director, Yearbook Editor, Rowena J. Moore.

Publications Issued:

Annual Statistical Report.

Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook.


Reorganized 1977, 1995


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5040.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-5054.

E-mail: show.



Jack L. Krogstad, Chair; Lowell C. Cooper, Vice Chair; Paul H. Douglas, Secretary; Ailton Dorl, Hyden G. I. Gittens, Elvira Grosu, Svetlana Kara, Robert E. Lemon, Philip Maitanmi, Phillip Ndlovu, G. T. Ng, Yungsang Oh, Frensly R. Panneflek, Lotie Blando, John Stanley, Evelyn Will, Ted N. C. Wilson, Vincent Zirimwabagabo.


Director, Paul H. Douglas.

Associate Directors, Gary B. Blood, Paul J. Edwards, Daniel E. Herzel, C. Maurine Wahlen, Kimberly J. Westfall.

Assistant Directors, John H. Adu, Paul W. Johnson, James E. Trude.

Coordinators, Linda E. Fredlund, Ludmila G. Leito.

Area Offices

North America: P.O. Box 732; Columbia, MD 21045. Telephone: 1 (301) 596-0800. Associate Director, Robyn W. Kajiura.

Trans Africa (serving the territories of the East-Central Africa, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean, and West-Central Africa Divisions): 22 Boite Postale 1764; Abidjan 22; Cote d'Ivoire. Telephone: 225 (22) 44-00-97. Associate Director, Furaha Mpozembizi.

Trans America (serving the territories of the Inter-American, and South American Divisions: P.O. Box 830518; Miami, FL 33183. Telephone: 1 (305) 403-4700. Associate Director, Rogelio Cortez.

Trans Asia Pacific (serving the territories of the Northern Asia-Pacific, South Pacific, and Southern Asia-Pacific Divisions): 148 Fox Valley Road; Wahroonga, N.S.W. 2076; Australia. Telephone: 61 (2) 9847-3333. Associate Director, Jeremy T. Smith.

Trans Euro Asia (serving the territories of the Euro-Asia, Inter-European, Southern Asia, and Trans-European Divisions): 119 St. Peter's Street; St. Albans, Herts. AL1 3EY; England. Telephone: 44 (1727) 860-331. Associate Director, Sandra R. Grice.


Organized 1956; reorganized 1975


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6790.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6788.

E-mail: show.



Director, Artur A. Stele.

Deputy Director, Ekkehardt Mueller.

Associate Directors, Elias Brasil de Souza, Kwabena Donkor, Clinton L. Wahlen.

Biblical Research Institute Committee:

Artur A. Stele, Chair; Ekkehardt Mueller, Vice Chair; Kwabena Donkor, Secretary;

General Conference Ex Officio Members: Robert E. Lemon, G. T. Ng, Ted N. C. Wilson;

Members, General Conference: Delbert W. Baker, Lael O. Caesar, Elias Brasil de Souza, A. Ganoune Diop, Myron A. Iseminger, Gerald A. Klingbeil, William M. Knott, Brempong Owusu-Antwi, Benjamin D. Schoun, Ella S. Simmons, Alberto R. Timm, Clinton L. Wahlen;

Members, North America: Niels-Erik Andreasen, Merlin D. Burt, Gerard Damsteegt, Jo Ann Davidson, Richard M. Davidson, Denis Fortin, Roy E. Gane, Michael Hasel, Gregory A. King, Miroslav Kis, John K. McVay, Jiri Moskala, Jon K. Paulien, Leslie N. Pollard, John Reeve, Teresa Reeve, Richard Rice, Thomas R. Shepherd, Randy W. Younker;

Members, World Divisions: Radisa Antic, Daniel K. Bediako, Gordon E. Christo, Elie Henry, Sung-Ik Kim, Barna Magyarosi, Richard Sabuin, Reinaldo Siqueira, Michael Sokupa, David R. Tasker, Efrain Velasquez, Eugene Zaitsev;

Lay Member, E. Edward Zinke.


Established 1989


Telephone: 852-9216-7647.

E-mail: show.

Address: 7B La Rue Building; Hong Kong Adventist Hospital; 40 Stubbs Road; Hong Kong.

Board of Directors:

Tom Chan, Chair; Caleb Chan, Vice Chair; Terry Tsui, Secretary; Donald F. Gilbert, Treasurer; Delbert L. Johnson, Esther Chan Liu, Roy E. Ryan.


Established 1899


Telephone: 1 (402) 488-0981.

Fax: 1 (402) 488-7582, 488-1902 (Administration).

E-mail: show.


Legal Name: Christian Record Services, Inc. Has own 501 (c) (3).


Street: 4444 South 52nd Street; Lincoln, Nebraska 68516-1302.

Mailing: P.O. Box 6097; Lincoln, NE 68506-0097.

Board of Trustees:

Daniel R. Jackson, Chair; Thomas L. Lemon, Vice Chair; Larry J. Pitcher, Secretary.


President, Larry J. Pitcher (E-mail: show).

Vice President for Finance, Shelly L. Kittleson (E-mail: show).


Area Directors, Tim Arner, Sherrick Hiscock II, Larry Hubbell.

Bible Correspondence School, Personal Ministries for the Blind, and Volunteer Services, Jose A. Martinez.

Direct Mail/Gift Records, Janell Hurst.

Editorial, Bert Williams; Assistant Editor, Richard Clark Jr.

Field Ministries, Keith Elliott.

Information Services, Aaron Rogge.

National Camps for the Blind/National Camps for Blind Children, Keith Elliott, Peggy A. Hansen.

Production, Russell Thomas; Assistant, Duane Fredregill.

Studio, Kalvin L. Follett.

Services and Publications:

Bible Correspondence School. Courses on audiocassette, on MP3 Discs, in braille, on digital cartridge, and in large print.

Booklets in English braille, and in large print (English and Spanish).

College Scholarship Assistance (limited) for blind or legally blind.

Full-Vision Books (the latest titles combine print with illustrations, braille text, and an audio recording). For blind parents of sighted preschool and early school-age children.

inSIGHT4VETS solar digital audio player; containing Bible portions, and books specifically for veterans.

Home Visits. By district representatives.

Wildlife STORYTELLER: stuffed animal containing a digital audio player preloaded with children's stories.

Lending Library. Titles in English and Spanish in braille, and on digital cartridge.

English Resources:

Christian Record (English braille, and online).

Encounter (MP3 Disc, and online).

Light (large print, and online).

Primary Sabbath School Bible Study Guide (English braille, and online).

The Children's Friend (English braille, and online).

The Student (Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide on MP3 Disc, in English braille, and online).

Vantage Point (MP3 Disc, and online).

Spanish Resources:

El Camino a Cristo (MP3 Disc).

El Centinela (MP3 Disc).

Los Cuatro Evangelios de Jesucristo (MP3 Disc).

Guia de Estudio de la Biblia (MP3 Disc).

Dame la Victoria (audio digital cartridge).

Templo de Dios (audio digital cartridge).

Note: Online magazines can be accessed at

Miscellaneous Services. Wills, annuities, and trust agreements.

National Camps for the Blind/National Camps for Blind Children. Conducted free for people ages 9 - 65 who are blind or legally blind. Summer camps in the United States and Canada, and a winter camp.

Referral Service.

Sources of Funds. Contributions by individuals and organizations of the general public for nonsectarian services. Contributions by churches and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for sectarian and nonsectarian services.


Incorporated 1904

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6000.

Board of Directors:

Ted N. C. Wilson, Chair; Daisy J. F. Orion, Secretary; G. Alexander Bryant, Lowell C. Cooper, Gary W. Dodge, George O. Egwakhe, G. Thomas Evans, Myron A. Iseminger, Daniel R. Jackson, Robert E. Kyte, Robert E. Lemon, Pardon K. Mwansa, G. T. Ng, Juan R. Prestol-Puesan, Michael L. Ryan, Roy E. Ryan, Charles B. Simpson, Harald Wollan.


President, Ted N. C. Wilson.

Vice Presidents, Lowell C. Cooper, Daniel R. Jackson, Robert E. Lemon.

Secretary, Daisy J. F. Orion; Associate Secretaries, Gary W. Dodge, Myron A. Iseminger.

Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon; Associate Treasurers, George O. Egwakhe, Juan R. Prestol Puesan, Roy E. Ryan.

Legal Counsel, Karnik Doukmetzian.


Organized 1958


Telephone: 1 (909) 558-4548.

Fax: 1 (909) 558-4314.


Address: 11060 Campus Street; Loma Linda, California 92350.


L. James Gibson, Director; Katherine Ching, Benjamin L. Clausen, Jamey Cooper, Raul Esperante, Ronald Nalin, Carol J. Olmo, Timothy G. Standish.

Branch Offices:

Europe: Saleve Adventist Institute. Boite Postale 74; 74165 Collonges-sous-Saleve; France. Director, Jacques Sauvagnat.

Korea: Sahmyook University. Cheonganyang P.O. Box 118; Seoul 130-650; Korea. Director, Choi Chong Geol.

Mexico: Montemorelos University. Apartado 16; Montemorelos, N.L. 67500; Mexico. Director, Antonio Cremades.

South America:

Brazil Adventist University (Campus Engenheiro Coelho). Caixa Postal 11; 13165-970 Engenheiro Coelho, SP; Brazil. Director, Nahor Neves de Souza.

River Plate University. 25 de Mayo 99; 3103 Villa Libertador San Martin, Entre Rios; Argentina. Director, Roberto Biaggi.

Resource Centers:

Brazil Adventist University (Campus Sao Paulo). Caixa Postal 12630; 04744-970 Sao Paulo, SP; Brazil. Director, Marcos Natal de Souza.

Chile Adventist University. Casilla 7-D; Chillan; Chile. Manager, Joel Alvarez.

Northeast Brazil College. Caixa Postal 18; 44300-000 Cachoeira, BA; Brazil. Manager, Wellington Silva.

Peruvian Union University. Km 19, Carretera Central; Nana; Lima; Peru. Manager, Socrates Quispe.


Established 2008


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6110.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6312.

E-mail: show.


Director, John R. Beckett.


(Formerly Adventist Television Network, Inc.)

Established 1997; Incorporated 2007; Name Change 2009

(Hope Channel, Inc. represents the global Hope Channel Network)


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6689.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-5147.

E-mail: show.

Website and Viewing: All North America and many global channels can be viewed via streaming video at


Street: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600.

Donations and All Other Mail: P.O. Box 4000; Silver Spring, MD 20914.


President, Brad Thorp. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6674.

Vice Presidents:

Finance, Gideon M. Mutero. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5226.

International Development, Kandus Thorp. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6799.

Marketing and Fundraising, Derris Krause. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5218.

Programming, Production, and Broadcast, Gabriel Begle. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5103.

Development and Planned Giving, Albert Navarro. Telephone: 1 (480) 252-0844.

Asian Channels Coordinator/Administrative Assistant to President, Ivy Ng. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5220.

Accountant, Carlos Charnichart. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6114.

Scheduling Assistant, and ETV Programmer, Sergio Gonzalez. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5227.

Web Architect, and TV Director, Justin Woods. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5131.

Cable Distribution and Broadcast Promotion Director, H. Joe Sloan. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5111.

Fundraising Director, ___. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5229.

Marketing Director, Fylvia Fowler Kline. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5102.

Marketing Coordinator, Carmen McMurdy. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6629.

Viewer Services Manager, Susan Marcellino. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5221.

Technical Information Coordinator, and Africa Representative, Errol van Eck. Telephone: 27 (11) 805-2803.

East-Central Africa Representative, Enoch Mogusu. Telephone: 254 (20) 422-6000.

Satellite Operations, Marcelo Vallado. Telephone: 1 (805) 955-7612.

Hope Channel Production Center (at the General Conference Headquarters):

Vice President for Programming, Production, and Broadcast, Gabriel Begle. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5103.

Production Director, ___. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5101.

Engineer, and TV Director, Russell Moulder. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5110.

Producer, Philip Riley. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5112.

Associate Producers:

Elroy Byam. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5223.

Monique Anderson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5108.


Beginnings. Brad Thorp. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6674.

Cross Connection. Oleg Kostyuk. Telephone: 1 (301) 312-4219.

Go Healthy For Good! Nerida McKibben. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5107.

Let's Pray! David Franklin. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5106; and Kandus Thorp, Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6799.

Production Assistant, Luci Sloan. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5130.

Studio Assistant, Claude Guillaume. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5100.


Scheduling Assistant, Adrian Hamblin. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5104.

Master Control Operators:

Nic Shipowick. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5114.

Ruben Gomez. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-5114.

Hope Channel, Inc. Board:

Pardon K. Mwansa, Chair; Benjamin D. Schoun, Mark A. Finley, Vice Chairs; Brad Thorp, Secretary; Thomas E. Wetmore, Corporate Secretary; Rodney G. Brady, Brent B. Burdick, Dowell W. Chow, Chester Clark, Williams S. Costa Jr., Gladys Daniel, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., Daniel R. Jackson, Mark A. Johnson, Raafat A. Kamal, Erton C. Kohler, Gary D. Krause, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Robert E. Lemon, G. T. Ng, Juan R. Prestol Puesan, John Rathinaraj, Paul S. Ratsara, Albert Reece, Blasious M. Ruguri, Michael L. Ryan, Roy E. Ryan, Judy Thomas, Homer W. Trecartin, Bruno R. Vertallier, Gilbert Wari, Stevanus Widjaja, Ted N. C. Wilson, Harold Wollan, E. Edward Zinke.

Hope Channels with Satellite Broadcast

For information regarding additional Satellite and Web-based channels and distribution, go to

Hope Channel (HC) (North America, and Inter-America) (English). Contact information as above.

Hope Church Channel (HCC) (North America, and Inter-America Church Business Channel). Contact information as above.

Hope Channel International (HCI) Global (English). Contact information as above. Website:

Esperanza TV (ETV) (Spanish Channel - North America, and Inter-America). Address as above. E-mail: show. Website: NAD Coordinator, Gordon Pifher; IAD Coordinator, Abel Marquez.

Chinese Hope Channel (CHTV). E-mail: show. Website: www.ChineseHope.TV. Director, Billy Liu.

Hope Channel Africa. Website: www.HopeAfrica.TV. Director, Noel Sibanda.

Hope Channel Australia. Website: Director, John Gate.

Hope Channel Germany. (Media Center - Stimme der Hoffnung): E-mail: show. Website: Director, Jorg Varnholt.

Hope Channel India. E-mail: show. Website: Director, Swamidass Johnson.

Hope Channel Indonesia. Website: Director, Michael Palar.

Hope Channel Korea. Director, Duk-Hyun Um.

Hope Channel Middle East North Africa (HC MENA). Al Waad Media Centre. E-mail: show. Website: Director, Amir Ghali.

Hope Channel Philippines. Website: Director, Joe Orbe.

Hope Channel Ukraine (HCU). Website: Director, Vyacheslav Demyan.

Novo Tempo (Portuguese Hope Channel, South America. Also broadcasting to Africa for Angola, Mozambique, and Sao Tome - Adventist Media Center - Brazil). E-mail: show. Website: Director, Antonio Oliveira Tostes.

Novo Tempo (Executive Channel for both Portuguese and Spanish; Church Business Channel, South American Division). E-mail: show. Website: Director, Antonio Oliveira Tostes.

Nuevo Tiempo (Spanish Hope Channel, South America). E-mail: show. Website: Director, Antonio Oliveira Tostes.

Speranta TV (Romanian Hope Channel). E-mail: show. Website: Director, Tiberiu Nica.


Established 1979

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6000.


Director, ___.

Associate Director, Artour Vasmout.


Established 1990

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6080.


Director, Howard T. Karst.

Audio-Visual, Coordinator, Karel Holness.

Administrative Services:

Manager, Gloria J. Mansfield.

Employee Food Service:

Associate Manager, Angela G. Wickline.

Special Functions Coordinator, Jeanette L. Jump.

Graphics, Graphic Artist, Irving P. Heller.


Mailroom Supervisor, Fred M. Cermak.

Shipping Supervisor, Richard D. Singer.

Rebok Memorial Library, Librarian, Alan Hecht.

Facilities Services:

Manager, Charles R. Welsh.

Associate Managers, David L. Messenger, Kolothu N. Soman.


Manager, James Vines Jr.

Lead Security Officer, Karen Banner.


Established 1966


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6712.

E-mail: show.

Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike; Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600.


Director, Cheryl D. Doss.

Associate Directors, Ronald Kuhn, Oscar Osindo.

Assistant Directors, Enid C. Harris, Anne-May Wollan.

Adjunct Faculty:

Bruce L. Bauer, Gorden R. Doss, Patricia J. Gustin, Wagner Kuhn, Richard E. McEdward, Lester P. Merklin, Bruce C. Moyer, Russell L. Staples.


Organized 1946; reorganized 1982

Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6719.

Board of Governors:

The members of the Executive Committee of the General Conference, and the presidents and executive secretaries of the societies that have been accepted into the membership of the International Health and Temperance Association.


President, Delbert W. Baker.

Vice President, Peter N. Landless.

Executive Secretary, Viriato Ferreira.

Treasurer, Elwin B. David.

Executive Council:

Delbert W. Baker, Chair; Peter N. Landless, Vice Chair; Viriato Ferreira, Executive Secretary; Lisa M. Beardsley, Rae Lee Cooper, Elwin B. David, Fred Hardinge, Linda Mei Lin Koh, Kathleen H. L. Kuntaraf, Doyle R. Nick, Daisy J. F. Orion, Katia Reinert, Gary B. Swanson.



Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6263.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6197.

E-mail: show.



Co-Director, J. Raymond Wahlen II. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6215. E-mail: show.

Administrative Assistant, Eileen Lezeau. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6263. E-mail: show.

Co-Director, Karen J. Porter. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6666. E-mail: show.

Administrative Assistant, Roslyn Morris. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6667. E-mail: show.

Appointee Services

Winnie Sim. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6257. E-mail: show.

Michael I. Martell. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6647. E-mail: show.

Rebecca L. Willhelm. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6658. E-mail: show.

Infield Services

Annual Leaves/Transfers:

Lissy Park. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6255. E-mail: show.

Cleni Hirle. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6252. E-mail: show.

Sarah Kannanaikkel. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6254. E-mail: show

Jacqueline Kuhn. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6281. E-mail: show.

Education Allowance for Dependents:

Belkis Prestol. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6251. E-mail: show.

Extended Interdivision Service Allowance (EISA):

Laurie L. Wilson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6259. E-mail: show.

Insurance for Interdivision Employees:

Insurance Premiums and Claims—Katherine Walton. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6266. E-mail: show.

Permanent Returns:

Margarita S. Neyra. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6264. E-mail: show.

Alice Rich. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6261. E-mail: show.


Payroll—Azanetta Vasmout. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6256. E-mail: show.

Payroll Assistants:

Richard Jacobson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6645. E-mail: show.

Annelee Tagalog. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6265. E-mail: show.

IDE Points and Record Services

IDE Points:

Karen J. Porter. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6666. E-mail: show.

MPPC Minutes:

Roslyn Morris. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6667. E-mail: show.

Service Records:

Lois Rhodes. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6655. E-mail: show.

IDE Handbook:

Margarita S. Neyra. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6264. E-mail: show.

Support Services


Laurie L. Wilson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6259. E-mail: show.

Loan Amortization:

Laurie L. Wilson. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6259. E-mail: show.


Laurie L. Wilson (IDE Shipment Specialist). Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6259. Fax: 1 (301) 680-6290. E-mail: show.

Sponsored Students/J-1 Visas:

Lissy Park. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6255. E-mail: show.


Process Design, AgilePoint Programming, and Online Training—Katherine Walton. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6266. E-mail: show.

Database Administrator and Report Programming—Rosalind Landless. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6268. E-mail: show.

Senior Microcomputer Application Developer—Evert Nugent. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6979. E-mail: show

Visa Office

Visas and Passports:

Diana Jo Beeler (Supervisor). Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6258. E-mail: show.

Xavier Covarrubias. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6262. E-mail: show.

Larry Prudente. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6258. E-mail: show.

Emergency Services

For emergency medical referrals, evacuation, repatriation, or other services, please call:

Europ Assist:

ACE Travel Assistance Program.

1 (888) 927-5353 (Inside the USA).

1 (240) 330-1570 (Outside the USA Call Collect).


Additional Emergency Contacts:

J. Raymond Wahlen II. Telephone: 1 (301) 526-2947. E-mail: show.

Karen J. Porter. Telephone: 1 (240) 461-2066. E-mail: show.

Lissy Park. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6255. E-mail: show.

Katherine Walton. Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6266. E-mail: show.


(A non-denominational association supported by the General Conference)
Founded 1893; reorganized 1946


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6686.


Address: Address: 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904-6600.


President, Robert Seiple.

Vice Presidents, Delbert W. Baker, Bert B. Beach, Rosa Maria Martinez de Codes, Alberto de la Hera, Karnik Doukmetzian, Denton Lotz.

Secretary General, John Graz.

Treasurer, Daisy Jane F. Orion.

Deputy Secretaries General, A. Ganoune Diop, Dwayne O. Leslie.

Legal Advisor, Todd R. McFarland.

Board of Directors:

The Officers, listed above, plus the following members: Guillermo E. Biaggi, Lee Boothby, Barry W. Bussey, Gordon E. Christo, Williams S. Costa Jr., Rajmund Dabrowski, Kenneth A. Denslow, W. Cole Durham, Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., King-Yi Eugene Hsu, Daniel R. Jackson, Orlan Johnson, Raafat A. Kamal, Alvin M. Kibble, Erton Carlos Kohler, Anatoly Krasikov, Robert E. Kyte, Jairyong Lee, Israel Leito, Nicholas Miller, Roland Minnerath, G. T. Ng, Barry D. Oliver, John Rathinaraj, Paul S. Ratsara, Blasious M. Ruguri, Gunnar Stalsett, James D. Standish, David Trim, Bruno R. Vertallier, Gilbert Wari, Ted N. C. Wilson.


Established 1982


Telephone: 1 (909) 558-7570.

Fax: 1 (909) 558-7929.


Address: 11175 Campus Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.


President, and Chief Executive Officer, Richard H. Hart.

Executive Vice Presidents:

Finance and Administration, and Chief Financial Officer, Kevin J. Lang.

Hospital Affairs, Kerry Heinrich.

Medical Affairs, H. Roger Hadley.

Senior Vice Presidents:

Advancement, Rachelle B. Bussell.

Clinical Faculty, Ricardo L. Peverini.

Educational Affairs, Ronald L. Carter.

Faculty Practice, David G. Wren.

Human Resource Management, Cari M. Dominguez.

Patient Care Services, Judith Storfjell.

Risk Management, Mark L. Hubbard.

Strategic Planning, Richard L. Rawson.

Vice Presidents:

Allied Health Professions Education, Craig R. Jackson.

Behavioral Health Education, Beverly J. Buckles.

Chief Information Officer for Academia, David P. Harris.

Clinical Network Integration, Douglas R. Hegstad.

Dentistry, Ronald J. Dailey.

Finance, Rodney D. Neal.

Graduate Medical Education, Daniel W. Giang.

Graduate Studies Education, Anthony J. Zuccarelli.

Heart and Surgical Hospital, and East Campus, Lyndon C. Edwards.

Institutes, Mark E. Reeves.

Nursing Education, Marilyn Herrmann.

Pharmacy Education, W. William Hughes.

Philanthropy, Carolyn Hamilton.

Public Health Education, Tricia Y. Penniecook.

Quality, James M. Pappas.

Religion Education, Jon Paulien.

Spiritual Life and Wholeness, Gerald R. Winslow.

Student Services, Rick Williams.

Wholeness, Daniel E. Fontoura.

Assistant Vice Presidents:

Administrative Affairs, Myrna L. Hanna.

Construction, Kenneth J. Breyer.

Faculty Retention and Recruitment, Tamara L. Thomas.

Global Outreach, Jerry E. Daly.

Philanthropy, Randy Possinger.

Risk Management, Raul E. Castillo Jr.

Talent Management Services, Charlene Wilson.

Corporate Secretary, Brian S. Bull.

General Counsel, Kent A. Hansen.

Associate General Counsel, Christian W. Johnston.

Compliance Officer, and Privacy Officer, Linda J. Mason.

Internal Auditor, Sheila A. Aultman.

Controller, L. Orlando Huggins.

Director, Foundation, Angela Lalas.

Related Institutions and Organizations:

Loma Linda University. 11060 Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California 92350.

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center, Inc. 1710 Barton Road; Redlands, California 92373.

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. 11234 Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.

Loma Linda University Health Partners. 24890 Tulip Avenue; Loma Linda, California 92354.

Loma Linda University Health Services, Inc. 11175 Campus Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Inc. 11234 Anderson Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.

Loma Linda University Medical Center - Murrieta. 28062 Baxter Road; Murrieta, California 92563.

Loma Linda University Medical Enterprises. 24873 Prospect Street; Loma Linda, California 92354.


Established 1936


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6318.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6329.

E-mail: show.


General Counsel, Karnik Doukmetzian.

Associate Counsels, O. Richard Caldwell, Todd R. McFarland, Dionne A. Rowe, Andrea D. Saunders, Thomas E. Wetmore.


Established 2001


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6950.

E-mail: show.



Director, B. Mack Tennyson III.

Associate Director, Daniel D. Orillosa.

Configuration, Gerardo Sangronis.

Training, Janalee Shaw.

IT, Joshua Rosales.

Payroll Systems, David Anokye-Larbey.

Support, Jerson P. Paican.

(Adventist Church Management System - ACMS)

Established 2012


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6654.

E-mail: show.



Director, Sherri Ingram-Hudgins.


Established 1915; Incorporated 1933

(An organization formed in harmony with the trust created in the will of Ellen G. White to act as her agent in the custody of her writings and in the promotion of their continued publication in all lands.)


Telephone: 1 (301) 680-6540.

Fax: 1 (301) 680-6559.

E-mail: show.


Board of Trustees:

G. T. Ng , Chair; E. Edward Zinke, Vice Chair; James R. Nix, Secretary; Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy, Larry D. Blackmer, Charles D. Brooks, Gilbert R. Cangy, Willie E. Hucks II, Bill Knott, Linda Mei Lin Koh, Robert E. Lemon, Ekkehardt Mueller, George W. Reid, Ted N. C. Wilson.


President/Director, James R. Nix.

Vice Director, Timothy L. Poirier.

Treasurer, Robert E. Lemon.

Associate Directors, William A. Fagal, Chantal Klingbeil, Alberto R. Timm, Ivan Leigh Warden.

Assistant Director, Darryl Thompson.

Annotation Project Editor, Stanley D. Hickerson.

Branch Offices:

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Reuel U. Almocera.

Adventist University of Africa, Anna Galeniece.

Andrews University, Merlin D. Burt.

Loma Linda University, Theodore Levterov.

Ellen G. White - Seventh-day Adventist Research Centers:

East-Central Africa Division, University of Eastern Africa Baraton: Modupe Beatrice Idowu.

Euro-Africa Division, Saleve Adventist University: Jean-Luc Rolland.

Euro-Asia Division, Zaoksky Theological Seminary: Vsevolod Andrusiak.

Inter-American Division:

Antillean Adventist University: Pedro Luis Cortes.

Central American Adventist University: Franz Rios.

Montemorelos University: Juan Jose Andrade Gonzalez.

Northern Caribbean University: ___.

North American Division:

Oakwood College: Jonathan Thompson.

Southwestern Adventist University: Alfredo Vergel.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Sahmyook University: Un Bae Kim.

South American Division:

Brazil Adventist University: Renato Stencel.

Northeast Brazil College: Gerson Rodriguez.

Peruvian Union University: Gluder Quispe.

River Plate University: Sergio Becerra.

South Pacific Division, Avondale College: John Skrzypaszek.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, Helderberg College: Mxolisi Michael Sokupa.

Southern Asia Division, Spicer Memorial College: Chawngdinpuii Chawngthu.

Trans-European Division, Newbold College: Radisa Antic.

West-Central Africa Division, Babcock University: Adelowo Felix Adetunji.