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Persons Holding Credentials From
The Lake Union Conference

Ministerial Credential:

Gary Burns, Don Livesay, Carmelo Mercado, Maurice R Valentine II.

Ministerial Credential:

Honorary/Emeritus: Adalberto Alarcon, Lewis Anderson, Bruce Babienco, John T Baldwin, Roy Bellinger, Luis O Beltre Sr, John S Bernet, Edwin F Buck Jr, David B Burke, Russell C Burrill, Byron C Churchill, Richard I Clark, Stanley W Cottrell, Arthur L Covell, L Curtiss Dale, Jerome L Davis, Lyle Davis, Charles Davisson, Norman L Doss, George C Dronen, William E Dudgeon Sr, Roger L Dudley, Christopher Ederesinghe, Bill S Edsell, M Lloyd Erickson, Samuel Flagg, Jan Follett, Gordon A Frase, Allan W Freed, Arnold Friedrich, Richard Gates, W Lee Grady, Herald A Habenicht, Richard C Habenicht, Raymond D Hamstra, Harry C Hartmann, Robert L Hess, Jerry Higgs, C Raymond Holmes, Hyungman Huh, Fred Hyde, Don Inglish, Philip W Jenkins, John I Johansen, Robert M Johnston, Charles D Joseph, Leonard G Kitson, Jerry Lastine, Luis E Leonor, W Richard Lesher, Donald Lewis, Lawrence Leroy Logan, William A MacCarty, Donald Mackintosh, Larry Mahlum, Diego Malca, Abdul Massey, Dwight Mayberry, Edgar Mendoza, Nathan M Merkel, James Micheff Sr, Arthur R Miller, Bruce C Moyer, Arthur L Nelson, Loren M K Nelson, Ray Nelson, Michael Nickless, Wayne L R Odle, James D Parker, Paul Pellandini, Paul Penno, Adrian Peterson, Raymond J Plummer Jr, Jason N Prest, Robert Quillin, Gary E Randolph, Donald Roth, Gary E Russell, Sheldon D H Seltzer, Claude Shaw, Neal L Sherwin, Earl L Simmons, Wendell A Springer, Russell L Staples, Frederick R Stephan, Kenneth B Stout, Arnold R Swanson, Russell Thomas, Steinthor Thordarson, Ernest I Toppenberg, Ralph Trecartin, Peter M Van Bemmelen, Orlando N Vazquez, Gilberto Velasquez, H Hampton White, Donald E Williams Sr, Charles M Willis II, Robert A Wilson, Herbert O Wrate, David W Wright, Wan Joo Yang, John B Youngberg, Warren R Zork, Eduardo Zurita.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Honorary/Emeritus: Catherine Bland, Marjorie A Snyder.

Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:

Linda S Fuchs, Ruth Horton.

Administrative Ministries Credential:

Douglas L Gregg, Barbara Livesay, James K Martz, Debbie A Michel, Sean R Parker, Glynn C W Scott, J Richard Terrell.

Missionary Credential:

Lance Mack, Susan M Tidwell, Kong Y Yoong, Patricia A Young.