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Persons Holding Credentials From
The Ohio Conference
(as shown in the 2017 Yearbook)

Ministerial Credential:

Ron Anderson, Vergniaud Angrand, Winston Baldwin, Robert Bjelica, Gianluca Bruno, Don Byard, Andrew Clark, Marcellus de Oliveira, Negaro Djaleta, Yulian V Filipov, Michael Fortune, Karl Haffner, Ron B Halvorsen Jr, Laszlo Hangyas, Chester Hitchcock, James H Hopkins, William Hrovat, Thomas Hughes, David Hutman, Hyunggul Kim, Roy Lawinsky, Oswaldo Magana, Jerry Mahn, Edward Marton, Marius Marton, Patrick Mazani, Robert McGhee Jr, Julio Morales, Jeba Moses, Roy Nelson, Roberto Rivera, William Rodriguez, Loren Seibold, Fred C Shoemaker, Pedro Simpson, Winston Simpson Herrera, Elliot Smith, Sampson Twumasi, Ronald Vozar, Clifford Wright, Emmanuel Yeboah.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Lori Farr, M Alexandria Harter.

Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:

Katherine Baldwin, Pam Butherus, Judy Cambigue, Christine Casson, Daanan Foster, Kells Hall, Vicki Hall, Clare Hoover, Lee Hoover, Jeanier Howard, Kenneth Knudsen, Mark Mirek, Carmie Ouzounian, Trevor Ross, Marsha Rumsey, Don Shull, Robin Tucker.

Administrative Ministries Credential:

Richard A Bianco, Colleen Hardy, Angela Peach, Heidi Shoemaker, Harry Straub, Andrew Sutton, Darren Wilkins.

Missionary Credential:

Kathy Boyd, Vickie Budd, Jean Craig, Freda Shultz, Deena Stockberger, Janice Straub, Vicki Swetnam, Ruthann Van Nostrand.