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Entered: 1/9/2003
Last Updated: 1/23/2018

Persons Holding Credentials From
The Palawan Adventist Mission
(as shown in the 2017 Yearbook)

Ministerial Credential:

Nathaniel S Contreras, Jonathan Q Cordial, Winilfredo P Ellazar, Job M Fabellar, Carlito F Fonte, Lester M Lagabon, Daniel A Malabad, Daniel A Matulac, Ramil R Rey, Ortham S Rongo, Valentino L San Pedro, Lonyr Jeff Serrano, Jimmy N Tamparong.

Missionary Credential:

Ronnie Apostol, Norma Brane, Helen G Caguay, Nenita T Dionzon, Miquilyn Ellazar, Merlyn P Fajutagana, Felicidad C Fonte, Marianita G Garcellano, Leoben G Guevarra, Mildred Guevarra, Merlyne Hordista, Creselyn B Husain, Alisa May D Lagabon, Elda R Laurio, Lanieflor D Malabad, Mayvelyn R Pablo, Carlos Palacios, Lanilo Pedroche, Cristita Rongo, Cora N Silan, Noreen Sucias, Jerry S Tamano, Elvira Tamparong, Ulpiano T Tayamora, Geronimo Teodoro, Arlene J Ticobay, Gomer Vistal, Jonalyn V Zulueta.