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Entered: 9/19/2002
Last Updated: 9/20/2018

Persons Holding Credentials From
The Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division
(as shown in the 2017 Yearbook)

Ministerial Credential:

Aniel Barbe, Hopeson Bonya, Laurent Brabant, Paul Charles, Sibusiso B Khumalo, Alexis R Llaguno, Paminus R Machamire, Solomon Maphosa, Qedumusa Mathonsi, Mosimanegape S Moesi, Passmore N Mulambo, Coster Munyengwe, Michael Ngwaru, Kagelo H Rakwena, Gideon P Reyneke.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Caroline Chola, Michael Muchula, Goodwell Nthani, Russell Raelly, Good-son Shumba.

Missionary Credential:

Frankie Africa, Herizo H Andriamampianina, Laetitia Du Plessis, Janine Erasmus, Victoria Guvi, Raphael Hara, Mozeic Kadyakapita, Evodia M Khumalo, Nelinda Llaguno, Savie Maphosa, Lindiwe S Mbinga, Otieno Mkandawire, Boipelo Moesi, Saneliso Moyo, Thembinkosi Moyo, Silas B Muabsa, Ennedy Muchula, Rhoda Nthani, Ruthy Nyawasha, Patience Shumba, Noel Sibanda, Bangwato Sikwa, Lezaan Slingers, Marlyse Tabac, Mildred Toka, Zelna Wright.