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Persons Holding Credentials From
The Trans-European Division
(as shown in the 2017 Yearbook)

Ministerial Credential:

Radisa Antic, Jan Barna, Tom de Bruin, Daniel Duda, Victor J Hulbert, Patrick G Johnson, Raafat A Kamal, Ivan Milanov, Zlatko Musija, David R Neal, Bjorn Ottesen, Gifford C A Rhamie, Jean-Claude Verrecchia.

Ministerial Credential:

Honorary/Emeritus: Jens Danielsen, Nick Giantzaklides, Jon Hjorleifur Jonsson, Johnny Manassian, Petros Papaioannou, Constantine Petsinis, Bjorgvin M Snorrason, Johann M Thorvaldsson.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Audrey E Andersson.

Commissioned Ministry of Teaching Credential:

John D Baildam, Lynda J Baildam, John Crissey, Per E Lisle, Marinko Markek, Aulikki Nahkola, Sandra M Pilmoor, Sandra M Rigby-Barrett.

Administrative Ministries Credential:

Graham M Barham, Nenad Jepuranovic.

Missionary Credential:

Wederly Aguiar, Zlatko Ambrus, Giles Barham, Petro Cleary, Beverly Coysten, Diane Edwards, Aden S Graham, Zvonko Gregor, Colin J Hole, Frances Johnson, Heidi Kamal Kendel, Andreas Lamberth, Dean G Papaioannou, Judy Plaatjes, Karen Plaatjes, Esti Pujic, Christina Quionquion, Clair M Sanches-Schutte, Sylviane Senty, Sinisa Serbic, Lilla Skopek, Sharon E Stevenson, Emma Stickland, Deana Stojkovic, Anca Tanasa.