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Adventist University Radio ( website )
Camino a Tanilvoro, Chillan, Chile
Radio Station
Central South Chile Conference
Afonso Claudio New Time Radio ( website )
Afonso Claudio, ES, Brazil
Radio Station
South Espirito Santo Conference
Alto Parana New Time Radio
Colonia Yguazu, Depto. Alto Parana, Paraguay
Radio or TV Station
Paraguay Union of Churches Mission
Asuncion New Time Radio
Asuncion, Paraguay
Radio Station
Paraguay Union of Churches Mission
Belem New Time Radio ( website )
Marituba, PA, Brazil
Radio Station
North Para Conference
Campo Grande New Time Radio ( website )
Campo Grande, MS, Brazil
Radio Station
South Mato Grosso Conference
Chile New Time Radio and TV Center ( website )
Penalolen, Santiago, Chile
Radio or TV Station
Chile Union Mission
Curitiba New Time Radio ( website )
Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Radio Station
Central Parana Conference
Florianopolis New Time Radio ( website )
Sao Jose, SC, Brazil
Radio Station
Santa Catarina Conference
10  Governador Valadares New Time Radio ( website )
Governador Valadares, MG, Brazil
Radio Station
East Minas Conference
11  Guayaquil New Time Radio ( website )
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Radio Station
South Ecuador Mission
12  Maringa New Time Radio ( website )
Maringa, PR, Brazil
Radio Station
North Parana Conference
13  New Time Adventist Radio ( website )
Cochabamba, Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Radio Station
Bolivia Union Mission
14  New Time Radio ( website )
Campinas, SP, Brazil
Radio Station
Central Brazil Union Conference
15  New Time Radio Cordoba ( website )
X5014APQ Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Radio Station
Central Argentine Conference
16  New Time Radio Productions ( website )
Chaclacayo - Lima, Peru
Radio Station
North Peru Union Mission
17  Nova Venecia New Time Radio ( website )
Nova Venecia, ES, Brazil
Radio Station
Espirito Santo Conference
18  Novo Hamburgo New Time Radio ( website )
Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil
Radio Station
Central Rio Grande do Sul Conference
19  Pocos de Caldas New Time Radio ( website )
Pocos de Caldas, MG, Brazil
Radio Station
South Minas Conference
20  Quito New Time Radio ( website )
Quito, Ecuador
Radio Station
Ecuador Union Mission
21  Salvador New Time Radio ( website )
Salvador, BA, Brazil
Radio Station
Bahia Conference
22  Sao Jose do Rio Preto New Time Radio ( website )
Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil
Radio Station
West Sao Paulo Conference
23  Student Radio ( website )
E3103AAE Libertador San Martin, Entre Rios, Argentina
Radio Station
Central Argentine Conference
24  Teresopolis New Time Radio ( website )
Teresopolis, RJ, Brazil
Radio Station
Rio de Janeiro Conference
25  Tucuman New Time Radio
San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina
Radio Station
Northwest Argentine Mission
26  Uruguay Voice of Hope Radio ( website )
Montevideo, Uruguay
Radio Station
Uruguay Union of Churches Mission
27  Vitoria New Time Radio ( website )
Vitoria, ES, Brazil
Radio Station
Espirito Santo Conference
Total Matches: 27         Displaying (1 - 27 )