Oakwood University
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Established 1896

Organizational Unit: North American Division

Editor's Note: Oakwood University changed from a General Conference institution to a North American Division (NAD) institution in 2014. Its employees now come under the NAD.

Contact Information:
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(updated: 11/19/2014)
StreetAddr 7000 Adventist Boulevard N.W.
Huntsville, Alabama 35896-0003
7000 Adventist Blvd NW
Huntsville AL 35896-0001
Phone 1 (256) 726-7000 256-726-7000
Fax 1 (256) 726-8335 256-726-8335
Website www.oakwood.edu www.oakwood.edu
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Board of Management: Daniel R. Jackson, Chair; G. Alexander Bryant, Ralph Reid, Ron C. Smith, William L. Winston, Vice Chairs; Leslie N. Pollard, Secretary.


President, Leslie N. Pollard.

Special Assistant to the President, Howard Weems.

Senior Vice President (Interim), Karen Benn-Marshall.

Vice Presidents:

Academic Administration, Karen Benn-Marshall.

Assistant Vice President, Finbar Benjamin.

Financial Administration, Sabrina Cotton.

Assistant Vice President, Gail Caldwell.

Research and Faculty Development, Prudence Pollard.

Assistant Vice President, Olivia Beverly.

Student Services, David Knight.

Assistant Vice President, Adrienne Matthews.

Advancement and Development, Executive Director, Kisha Norris.

Chief Information Officer, Kirk Nugent.

Assistant Chief Information Officer, Roengsak Cartwright.


Accounting, Trevor Johnson.

Admissions and Recruitment, Malcolm Taylor.

Adult and Continuing Education (LEAP), Ellengold Goodridge.

Career Services and Testing, Verneice Wright.

Center for Student Success, Helen Fischle.

Center for Adventist Muslim Relations, Keith Burton.

Child Development, Elaine Isaac.

Client Services, Robert Engram.

Employee Services/Human Resources, LaVerne Barnett.

Financial Aid, Lynda Bartholomew.

Grounds, Carlos Cole.

Health and Counseling Services, Wanda Misori.

Institutional Effectiveness, ___.

Integrated Marketing and Public Relations, ___.

Library, Paulette Johnson.

Missions, and Campus Ministries, Ronald Pollard.

Physical Plant, Ian Robinson.

Public Safety, Melvin Harris.

Radio Station WJOU, Reginald Hicks.

Registrar, John Hill.

Residential Life Coordinators (Men), James Caldwell, Woodrow Vaughn.

Residential Life Coordinators (Women), Linda Anderson, Camille Kibbler.

Spiritual Life, Senior Chaplain, Howard Weems; Senior Associate Chaplain, Ronald Pollard; Associate Chaplains, Marlene King, Kimberly Pearson.

Student Accounts, Paula Wilson; Associate, Shelly Vaughn.

Student Activities, Raymond King.

Student Enrollment Services, Ryan Smith.

Title III, Michelle Ramey.

Trust Services, Lewis Jones.

School of Arts and Sciences


Dean, Cherryl A. Galley.


Biological Sciences, Juliet Bailey-Penrod; Marie-Claire Boutrin, Stanton Dulan, Juliet Durant, Onesimus Otieno, Melissa Richardson, Londa Schmidt, Elaine Vanterpool.

Chemistry, Kenneth LaiHing; Kevin Anderson, Patrick Ochieng, Rufus Ranatunga, Marlon Rhem, Alexandre Volkov.

Communication and Art, Rennae Elliott; Patrice Conwell, Bobby Harrison, Kyna Hinson, Victoria Joiner, Janice Y. Watson.

English and Foreign Language, Benson Prigg; Derek Bowe, Francisco Burgos, Ramona Hyman, Chandra Mountain, Kem Roper, Karen Tucker, Carmiele Wilkerson, Joshua Williams.

Mathematics and Computer Science, Lisa James; Joseph Jeries, Jea Joseph, Albert Osei, Darayas Patel, Shushanna Smith, Tara Young.

Music, Jason Ferdinand; Wayne Bucknor, Audley Chambers, Iris Fordjour-Hankins, Julie Moore Foster, Sung-Jun Kim, Adriana Perera.

Psychology, Martin Hodnett; Carmen Bucknor, Pamela Cook, Cherryl A. Galley, Pauline Sawyers.

School of Business


Dean, Hyacinth Burton.


Business and Information Systems, Hyacinth Burton; John Anderson, Richard Blanco-Topping, Theodore Brown Sr., Throy Campbell, Vern Gohanna, Habtalem Kenea, Japheth Kessio, Esther LaiHing, Kyle Mackey, Shaunda Roach.

School of Education and Social Sciences


Dean, James Mbyirukira.


Education, James Mbyirukira; Dana Wilchcombe, Donaldson Williams, Deril Wood.

History and Political Science, Samuel London; Preston Foster, Alfonzo Greene Jr., Amanda Ringer, Camille Warren.

Social Work, Octavio Ramirez; O. George Ashley, Lorraine Frye.

School of Nursing and Health Professions


Dean, ___.


Allied Health, Earl Henry; R. Isariah Hannah, Elaine Isaac, Misheal Williams.

Health and Physical Education, Andrew Young; Terry Hamilton, James Roddy, Howard Shaw, Vashon Williams.

Nursing, Arlene Johnson; Karen Anderson, Sonia Donaldson, Mukesha Mbuguje, Eunice Muriu, Angerlita Smith, Jillian Wills.

Nutrition, and Dietetics, Joycelyn Peterson; Lisa Dalrymple, Teymi Herring, Fiona Lewis.

School of Religion


Dean, Dedrick L. Blue.


Religion and Theology, Dedrick L. Blue; Gregory Allen, Keith Burton, Trevor Fraser, C. Wesley Knight, Ifeoma Kwesi, Tarsee Li, Gilbert Okuro Ojwang, Agniel Samson, G. Russell Seay Jr., Jesse Wilson Jr.

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