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Established 1875

Organizational Unit: North American Division

Editor's Note: Pacific Press Publishing Association changed from a General Conference institution to a North American Division (NAD) institution in 2014. Its employees now come under the NAD.

Contact Information:
(updated: 3/20/2015)
StreetAddr 1350 N. Kings Road
Nampa, Idaho 83687-3193
1350 N. Kings Road
Nampa, Idaho 83687-3193
MailAddr P.O. Box 5353
Nampa, ID 83653-5353
P.O. Box 5353
Nampa, ID 83653-5353
Phone 1 (208) 465-2500 1 (208) 465-2500
Fax 1 (208) 465-2531 1 (208) 465-2531
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Board of Directors: Daniel R. Jackson, Chair; Dale E. Galusha, Secretary.


President, Dale E. Galusha.

Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, and Corporate Secretary-Treasurer, F. Martin Ytreberg.

Human Resources, Alix D. Mansker.

IT Director, Edward L. Bahr.

Purchasing, Jeanne B. Jarnes.

Vice President/Product Development, Jerry D. Thomas.

English Trade Products, Editors, David C. Jarnes, J. Scott Cady (Acquisitions).

International Publications, Editor, Ricardo Bentancur; Assistant, Alfredo Campechano.

Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure, Editor, Aileen Andres Sox.

Signs of the Times, Editor, Marvin L. Moore.

Vice President/Sales and Marketing, Douglas T. Church.

Advertising, Bonnie M. Laing.

Art Director, Gerald L. Monks.

Chapel Music/Media, Donald R. Laing.

Marketing Director, Beverly D. Logan.

Marketing-Electronic, Stephen G. Ertel.

Marketing-Special Projects, Daniel R. Wegh.

Periodical Circulation, Warren L. Riter.

Public Relations and Publicity, Karen J. Pearson.

Sales Manager, David J. Gatton.

Sales-Graphic Services, Jonathan T. Hey; Project Manager, Donna M. L. Dewey.

Sales-Multilingual, Julio W. Chazarreta.

Sales-Subscription Books, David J. Gatton.

Sales-Trade Products, Donald R. Laing.

Sales-Women's Ministries, Beverly D. Logan.

Signs World Evangelism, J. Scott Cady.

Vice President/Production, Larry R. Johnson.

Plant Services, Terry Leinberger.

Production Manager, Robert K. Congleton.

Book Publishing Committee: Dale E. Galusha, Chair; Jerry D. Thomas, Secretary; Douglas T. Church, Larry R. Johnson, F. Martin Ytreberg.

English Periodicals Published:

E. G. White Notes for the Sabbath School Lessons.

Editor, Karen J. Pearson.


Editor, Randall S. Fishell; Assistant Editor, Laura A. Samano.


Editor, Omar L. Miranda.

Kids' Ministry Ideas.

Editor, Candace G. DeVore.

Our Little Friend.

Managing Editor, Anita F. Seymour.

Primary Treasure.

Managing Editor, Anita F. Seymour.

Sabbath School Toolbox.

Editor, James W. Zackrison.

Signs of the Times.

Editor, Marvin L. Moore.

Vibrant Life.

Editor, Heather A. Quintana.

English Periodicals Issued:

Adventist Review.

Adventist World.

Cornerstone Connections Youth Sabbath School Bible Study Guide: Student and Teacher's.

GraceLink Sabbath School Curriculum Student Bible Study Guides: Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior/Earliteen, Earliteen.

GraceLink Sabbath School Curriculum Leader/Teacher Guides: Beginner, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior/Earliteen, Earliteen.



Mission: Children, Youth/Adult.

Sabbath School Bible Study Guide: Collegiate, Adult, Adult Teacher's, Adult Large Print, Adult Easy Reading.

International Periodicals Published:

Celebracion (Ideas for pastors and other church ministry leaders).

Editor, Ricardo Bentancur.

Centinela, El (Spanish Missionary Monthly).

Editor, Ricardo Bentancur; Assistant, Alfredo Campechano.

Notas de E. G. de White para las Lecciones de Escuela Sabatica (E. G. White Notes).

Editor, Ricardo Bentancur.

Revista Adventista (NAD Spanish Adventist Review).

Editor, Ricardo Bentancur.

Sabbath School Bible Study Guide (Adult), in French, Samoan, and Spanish.

Editor, Ricardo Bentancur.

Languages in which Publications are Issued: English, French, Samoan, and Spanish.

System Codes: EntityID, 10007; OrgMastID, AN11PP.