Hong Kong Adventist College
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Established 1903

Organizational Unit: Chinese Union Mission

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(updated: 9/29/2010)
StreetAddr 1111 Clear Water Bay Road
Sai Kung
New Territories
Hong Kong
1111 Clear Water Bay Road
Sai Kung
New Territories
Hong Kong
Phone 852-2719-1667 852-2719-1667
Fax 852-2358-1055 852-2358-1055
Website www.hkac.edu www.hkac.edu
Cable "SDACOL," Hong Kong "SDACOL," Hong Kong
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Board of Directors: Robert S. Folkenberg Jr., Chair; Daniel King Fai Cheung, Secretary.


President, Daniel King Fai Cheung.

Academic Dean, Sam Chiu Kin Shum.

Business Manager, Hosea Pak Nin Yeung.

Dean of Students, Bervinda Siu Yung Chan.

Registrar, Henry Ya'ang.

Librarian (Acting), Katerina Kit Ming Ma.

IT Manager, Dave San Yuen Wan.

Human Resources Manager, Alice Siu Dik Wong.

Marketing Director, Freddie Kei Ma.

Plant Services, John Wing Chong Lau.


Business, Henry Ya'ang; Hosea Pak Nin Yeung.

General Education, Simon Shian Wee Chua.

Health and Fitness, Charlene Yu Chow.

Psychology, Priscilla Chung Chi Wong; Anna Yuet Ching Liu-Chim.

Religion and Theology, Daniel Gim Teng Chuah, Onn Liang.

System Codes: EntityID: 10380; OrgMastID: ARC1HO.