Hong Kong Adventist College
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Established 1903

Organizational Unit: Chinese Union Mission

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(updated: 9/29/2010)
StreetAddr 1111 Clear Water Bay Road
Sai Kung
New Territories
Hong Kong
1111 Clear Water Bay Road
Sai Kung
New Territories
Hong Kong
Phone 852-2719-1667 852-2719-1667
Fax 852-2358-1055 852-2358-1055
Website www.hkac.edu www.hkac.edu
Cable "SDACOL," Hong Kong "SDACOL," Hong Kong
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Board of Directors: Robert S. Folkenberg Jr., Chair; Dan Cheung, Secretary.


President, Dan Cheung.

Academic Dean, Onn Liang.

Business Manager, Hosea Pak Nin Yeung; Assistant, Siu Kan Lam-Li.

Registrar, Henry Ya'ang.

Dean of Students, Bervinda Chan.

IT Manager, Dave San Yuen Wan; Assistant, Jeff Kwan Wai Lam.

Librarian (Acting), Katerina Kit Ming Ma; Assistant, Jean Mai Yew Chong Hong.

Recruitment Director, Freddie Kei Ma.

Plant Services, John Wing Chong Lau.


Business, Henry Ya'ang; Cindy Pui Yee Chiu-Sing, Hosea Pak Nin Yeung.

English, Simon Shian Wee Chua; Lee Sia Tay.

General Education, Simon Shian Wee Chua; Arlene Siagian.

Health and Fitness, Charlene Yu Pak-Chow; Diana David.

Psychology, Priscilla Chung Chi Wong.

Religion and Theology, Yat Yau Ang; Daniel GimTeng Chuah, Leendert Brouwer, Onn Liang.

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