Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School
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Established 1956

Organizational Unit: Hong Kong-Macao Conference

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(updated: 9/14/2009)
StreetAddr No. 2 Tai Po Tau Drive
Tai Po, New Territories
Hong Kong
No. 2 Tai Po Tau Drive
Tai Po, New Territories
Hong Kong
Phone 852-2665-3459 852-2665-3459
Fax 852-2664-2717 852-2664-2717
Website www.tpsy.edu.hk www.tpsy.edu.hk
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Board of Management: Chiloe Lam Hing Fan, Chair; Lawrence Cheong Ning Yu, Secretary.


Principal, Lawrence Cheong Ning Yu.

Vice Principals:

Academic Affairs, Gideon Chung Yeung Wong.

Student Affairs, Ricky Shun On Lau.

Chaplain, King Ki Le; Assistant, Tsz Kin Fung.

Academic Deans, Yuk Ting Li, Nin Choi Szeto.

Discipline Master, Teresa Wai Ying Phoon.

Guidance Master, Chun Yin Tam; Assistant, Dick Chung Lo.

General Office Master, Wai Ni Kwok.

Business Manager, Lun Chung Keung.

Information Technical Coordinator, Kai Sheung Liu; Assistant, Wai Meng Lei.

Extracurricular Activities Coordinator, Kwan Lai Lam; Assistant, Wing Yi Sin.

Career Master, Carmen Ka Man Lau; Assistant, Hon Yuen Chan.

Other Learning Experience Coordinator, Carmen Ka Man Lau; Assistant, Ka Ho Lau.

Learning and Teaching Professional Development Master, Yuk Ting Li; Assistant, Hon Yuen Chan.

Spiritual Affairs Master, Tsz Kin Fung.

Learning and Teaching Resources Coordinator, Mei Yee Leung.

Department Heads:

Chinese, Kwai Ying Lee; Assistant, Yuen Chun Cheung.

English, Rachel Foong Peng Yeap; Assistant, Samson Hau Lung Yuen.

Mathematics, Mei Chu Law.

Sciences, Yuen Ching Chan.

Social Science and Humanities, Tung Wai Tam.

Technology and Culture, Lun Chung Keung.

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