Sahmyook Health University College
(Sahmyook Bogeon Daehakgyo)
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(Sahmyook Bogeon Daehakgyo)

Established 1936

Organizational Unit: Korean Union Conference

Contact Information:
(updated: 10/25/2016)
StreetAddr 82 Mangu-ro
Seoul 02500
82 Mangu-ro
Seoul 02500
Phone 82 (2) 2212-0082 82 (2) 2212-0082
Fax 82 (2) 2215-2380 82 (2) 2215-2380
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Board of Directors: Chun Kwang Hwang, Chair; Doo Han Park, Secretary.


President, and Global Social Service Center, Doo Han Park.

Chaplain, Mong Hee Ryu.

Academic, and Student Affairs, Oh Soon Yoon.

Office of Planning, Joo Hee Park.

Industry-Academic, Career Support Affairs, Young Kyu Kang.

Office of General Affairs, Seok Woo Park.

Finance, Jin Won Kim.

Lifelong Education Center, Kyoung Mok Kim.

Central Library, Taek Cheol Jung.

Information Support Center, Yong Min Park.

NCS, and Teaching and Learning Support Center, Hyun Jae Choo.

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Li Ly Kang.

Wholistic Education Institute, In Sun Choi.

SHU Gymnasium, Dong Kyu Moon.


Beauty Hair, Kyung Min Ahn; Hee Sook Jo.

Child Care, Dong Kyu Moon; Byung Chul Kang, In Sun Chol.

Dental Hygiene, Hea Seung Oh; Soon Hee Jeong, Sun Kim, Sun Young Lee, Sang Mi Nam, Sun Haeng Sin, Jong Choon Kim, So Yeon Kim.

Elderly Care and Foundation, Yong Kyu Kang; Jin Ah Lee.

Industry-Academic, Career Support Affairs, Mi Hee Park; Jae Nam Lee.

Medical Information, Yong Min Park; Kyoung Mok Kim, Ju Hee Park, Jun Hyuk Lee, Taek Cheol Jung.

Nursing, Ye Jin Kim; Li Ly Kang, Seon Ae Kim, Sun Woo Lee, Sun Hee Park, Eun Young Yang, Oh Soon Yoon, Kyung Hee Hong, Hyun Jae Choo, So Hyun Bae, Kyeong Deok Jeon, Young Eun Jang, Sung Min Kim, Jung Won Suk, Hyun A. Jo.

Skin Health Care, Mi Ryoung An; Hye Young Lee.

System Codes: EntityID: 10436; OrgMastID: ARG1SC.