South Philippine Adventist College
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Established 1950; reestablished 1993

Organizational Unit: South Philippine Union Conference

Contact Information:
(updated: 12/15/2015)
StreetAddr Camanchiles
8003 Matanao, Davao del Sur
8003 Matanao, Davao del Sur
MailAddr P.O. Box 3749
8002 Digos, Davao del Sur
P.O. Box 3749
8002 Digos, Davao del Sur
Phone 63 (82) 284-6283
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Board of Management: Leonardo R. Asoy, Chair; Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico, Secretary.


President,Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Aliver P. Pido.

Vice President for Finance, Joesalpet B. Arancon.

Vice President for Student Affairs, Ephraim R. Perral.

Director of Student Finance, Alpha C. Duran.

Registrar, Venus D. Escobal.

Human Resource, and QA Director, Annalyn V. Okan.

Communication, and Public Relations Director, Zacarias C. Escobidal.

Community Extension Services Director, Jared R. Maratas.

Librarian, Dionisio V. Tuapin Jr.

Guidance Counselor, Zarcarias C. Escobidal.

Deans of Men, Sioricar S. Ortizano, Alfonso A. Tan III.

Dean of Women, Rachel C. Quiamco.

Chaplain, Joel R. Quipanes.


Accountant, Christine Iris A. Orot.

Disbursing Cashier, and Purchaser, Sherwin B. Bonghanoy.

Receiving Cashier, Eriza A. Cordita.

Food Service, Pacita D. Mantua.

Bakery, Emerita N. Navales.

College Store, Ana Lucia C. Arancon.

Driver, and Mechanic, Lucricio Lumba.

Industrial and Business Manager, Joesalpet B. Arancon.

Construction, and Maintenance, Teddy D. Genon.

Administrative Office Secretary, Marjorie Jane B. Ortizano.


Biology, Febe M. Lavador.

Business Administration, Rebecca N. Lasco; Joesalpet B. Arancon.

Chemistry, Rossinni A. Amor.

Computer Science, Neila M. Paglinawan; Arwin B. Ranola, Mauren D. Banasing; Annalyn V. Okan.

Communication, Eufracia S. Hallarsis; Karel Mei N. Banay.

Education, Nery S. Faderogaya; Moses R. Perral.

History and Social Science, Jared R. Maratas.

Mathematics and Physics, Ranzolin G. Bayeta; Consorcio S. Lavador.

Nursing, Jee Ann M. Maratas; Annlyn G. Amador, Rachel C. Quiamco, Suzette L. Manacap.

Office Administration, Ruth P. Javien.

Physical Education, Sioricar S. Ortizano.

Theology, Ephraim R. Perral.

System Codes: EntityID, 13107; OrgMastID, ATT1SO.