Adventist Health System Headquarters
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Established 1981

Organizational Unit: North American Division

Contact Information:
(updated: 9/14/2012)
StreetAddr 900 Hope Way
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
900 Hope Way
Altamonte Springs FL 32714-1502
Phone 1 (407) 357-1000 407-647-4400
Fax 407-975-1425
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Board of Directors: Don Livesay, Chair; Larry R. Moore, Ron C. Smith, Gary Thurber, Vice Chairs.


President/Chief Executive Officer, Donald L. Jernigan.

President/Chief Executive Officer, Florida Division, Lars Houmann.

President/Chief Executive Officer, Multi-State Division, Randy Haffner.

Chief Administrative Executive, Robert Henderschedt.

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer, Terry D. Shaw.

Chief Information Officer, Brent G. Snyder.

Senior Vice Presidents:

Chief Clinical Officer, Judy Blair.

Chief Financial Executive, Paul C. Rathbun.

Chief Financial Officer, Florida Division, Eddie Soler.

Chief Legal Officer, Jeffrey Bromme.

Chief Strategy and Corporate Responsibility Executive, Sandra Johnson.

Chief Strategy Officer/Executive Vice President, Florida Division, David Banks.

Clinical Effectiveness, Loran D. Hauck.

Managed Care, John Brownlow.

Population Health Services Organization, President, Jayne Bassler.

Physician Enterprise, Bryan Stiltz.

Vice Presidents:

Assistant to the President/Mission Planning, Benjamin Reaves.

Audit and Financial Reporting, Amanda Brady.

Chief Financial Officer Physician Enterprise, Kelly Pettijohn.

Chief Investment Officer, Rob Roy.

Clinical Effectiveness/Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer, Stephen Knych.

Corporate Communications, and Community Relations, Christine Stewart.

Corporate Relations, Womack H. Rucker Jr.

Finance, Penny Johnson.

Government and Regulatory Affairs, Richard Morrison.

Human Resources, Donald G. Jones.

iSynergy, David L. Huffman.

Legal Services, T. L. Trimble.

Marketing and Brand Strategy, Kevin Edgerton.

Marketing and Innovation, Vickie White.

Medical Mission, Ted Hamilton.

Mergers/Acquisitions/Network Development, Florida Division, Mark Martin.

Patient Experience, Pamela Guler.

Post Acute Care, Beth Weagraff.

Public Affairs, Florida Division, Michael Griffin.

Revenue Operations, Tim Reiner.

Risk Management, Stacy Prince.

Spiritual Ministries, Roscoe J. Howard III.

Strategic Planning, Josef Ghosn.

Supply Chain, Celeste West.

Tax, Lynn Addiscott.

Treasury, Jeff Graff.

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*Member Institutions

Lake Union Region:

Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.

Chippewa Valley Hospital and Oakview Care Center, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

Adventist Midwest Health (SEP EXMP).

Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

Adventist GlenOaks Hospital (SEP EXMP).

dba Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

dba Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital.

Mid-America Union Region:

Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Inc.

PorterCare Adventist Health System.

dba Avista Adventist Hospital.

dba Castle Rock Adventist Hospital.

dba Littleton Adventist Hospital.

dba Parker Adventist Hospital.

dba Porter Adventist Hospital.

Southern Union Region:

Adventist Health System Georgia, Inc.

dba Gordon Hospital.

dba Murray Medical Center.

Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.

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Adventist University of Health Sciences, Inc.

Fletcher Hospital, Incorporated.

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Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, Inc. fka East Pasco Medical Center, Inc.

Florida Hospital Waterman, Inc.

Memorial Health Systems, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center.

dba Florida Hospital - Oceanside.

Memorial Hospital, Inc.

dba Manchester Memorial Hospital.

Memorial Hospital Flagler, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital Flagler.

Memorial Hospital–West Volusia, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital DeLand.

Pasco-Pinellas Hillsborough Community Health System, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel.

Southeast Volusia Healthcare Corporation.

dba Florida Hospital New Smyrna.

Southwest Volusia Healthcare Corporation (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital Fish Memorial.

Takoma Regional Hospital, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

Tarpon Springs Hospital Foundation, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital North Pinellas.

University Community Hospital, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care Hospital.

dba Florida Hospital Carrollwood.

dba Florida Hospital Tampa.

Southwestern Union Region:

Adventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc.

dba Central Texas Medical Center.

Metroplex Adventist Hospital, Inc. (SEP EXMP).

dba Metroplex Hospital.

dba Rollins Brook Community Hospital.

System Codes: EntityID: 20139; OrgMastID: ANZB11.